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AI Projects Launch on Gnosis Chain, Choosing the Layer-1 for its Low Fees and Scalability

Nevermined and Autonolas, two projects combining AI and blockchain, launch on Gnosis Chain.

LOS ANGELES, June 29, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Gnosis Builders, the ecosystem team behind Gnosis Chain, a full EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) Layer 1 blockchain with 100K+ validators, prioritizing decentralization and security, announces the launch of two Web3 projects leveraging AI on Gnosis.

Nevermined is a decentralized data and AI marketplace that is built on top of the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) and the Web3 stack. Nevermined monetizes AI agents through Smart Subscriptions, which allow users to subscribe to an AI model or agent, like ChatGPT, for a set period of time. Data & AI publishers can leverage the solution to improve AI agents and models through easier access to non-public datasets, as well as previously unauthorized data sources.

Don Gossen, CEO of Nevermined shared, "AIs won't have bank accounts. But they will need to transact, so the obvious solution is blockchain wallets. And the funds an AI uses to buy data, or services from other AIs, might need to be managed by numerous stakeholders. This likely requires multisig support, and that means Safe. So what better blockchain to deploy on than Gnosis Chain - the one that offers it all!"

Autonolas is a unified network of off-chain services – like automation, oracles, and co-owned AI. Autonolas offers a composable stack for building these services, and a protocol for incentivizing their creation. Autonolas enables operating these services in a co-owned and decentralized way. Autonolas services are perfect for combining crypto and AI, running complex logic in a decentralized manner, and interacting with on- and off-chain data autonomously and continuously. A novel use case of this cutting-edge autonomous agent technology is Governatooorr, the AI-enabled governance delegate for DAOs.

David Minarsch, co-creator of Autonolas shared, "We are very excited to announce our launch on Gnosis Chain, given Gnosis's reputation as the most decentralized network outside of Ethereum and its low fees. We believe decentralized governance is particularly important for AI initiatives, and so Gnosis is the ideal network to support Autonolas. As we are launching a number of AI-powered user applications on the Autonolas stack in the coming months we are additionally attracted to Gnosis Chain by the fact that users are only required to hold the native stablecoin, greatly improving UX and simplifying onboarding."

Martin Köppelmann, Co-Founder of Gnosis, shared, "We can expect to see the intersection between blockchain and AI strengthen, especially as AI becomes dependent on data verification and transparency provided by blockchain networks. The launch of Nevermined and Autonolas on Gnosis Chain demonstrates that Gnosis' value proposition as a layer-1 with high scalability and security is ideal for AI-driven projects."
For more information on Gnosis visit: https://www.gnosis.io/

For media inquiries, please contact Jonathan Duran at (310) 260-7901 or Jonathan(at)MelrosePR(dot)com.

About Gnosis Builders
Gnosis Builders is the ecosystem team for Gnosis Chain, a full EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) layer-1 blockchain with 100K+ validators, prioritizing decentralization and security. Gnosis Builders constructs critical infrastructure, tools, and resources to enhance the Gnosis Chain experience. Through their hands-on, open source and permissionless development, Gnosis Builders seeks to empower an expansive world of blockchain experiences, from essential world-class applications to unique dev-crafted offerings like DeFi, DAO Tools, and Gaming.

Media Contact

Jonathan Duran, Melrose PR, 3102607901, jonathan@melrosepr.com

SOURCE Gnosis Builders