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AIM London Stock Exchange will soon receive participation from the successful web analytics and software company, Fastbase, Inc.

NEW YORK, Jan. 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The successful software company Fastbase, Inc. is currently preparing to be admitted to the AIM London Stock Exchange as one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies in the world. Fastbase, Inc. has gained enormous success with its web analytics software that identifies and provides valuable information on the companies that are visiting a website. The software was originally designed for Google Analytics but can be freely installed on any website. http://analytics.fastbase.com

The popular add-on to Google Analytics has created great value for both Google Analytics users and Google AdWords' customers. By 2017, Fastbase, Inc. had analyzed and delivered leads to businesses that were derived from over 33.5 billion AdWords' clicks. Much of the company's enormous success is attributed to its development of the world's largest and fastest-growing business database that is updated with new information every minute. "We have put in a lot of time and resources into developing software that can retrieve and organize business information from all the websites in the world in almost real-time. Fastbase, Inc.'s comprehensive database of company information makes it possible for businesses to identify their web visitors from any company worldwide," states Rasmus Refer, Founder and CEO of Fastbase, Inc. Fastbase, Inc.'s growth has been overwhelming in 2017 and the company is expecting subscriber growth to continue to over 300% in 2018. Fastbase, Inc. is providing enormous value to a market that is seeing exponential growth and that is in need of lead generation and web analytics support.

"Today more than 700,000 companies and top brands are using our software to optimize their marketing and sales activities. Currently, we are getting one company sign-up per minute each day. Our goal is to support two million companies, top brands, and online agencies by the end of 2018. During 2018, our goal is to set a new standard within a term we coined 'Leads Relationship Management,' launching some brand-new tools that the market has never seen before," concludes Refer.

Fastbase Inc. is run by a strong management team in Copenhagen, among which includes Allan Fenger, who was previously part of Skype's success story, managing both interface design and branding, which he now leads at Fastbase, Inc. In addition, Rasmus Refer, CEO and Founder of Fastbase, Inc., has previously co-founded several international search engines and is the co-founder of WikiSoft Corp. Lastly, Danes Henrik Carstensen and Peter Ausum are on the Board of Directors for Fastbase A/S.

Fastbase, Inc. Pre-IPO
Fastbase, Inc. has just completed a private placement round where all shares were sold. Because of this, the senior management team has decided to offer an additional 5 million shares with a Pre-IPO discount on the "first-come first-served" basis. This offer begins on January 25th and runs through February 9th 2018, or until all shares are sold. 

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