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AirBnB On Steroids: New Startup Is Changing Luxury Travel

Brett Hershman

There has been no shortage of alternative accommodations since the rise of the sharing economy. Hospitality platforms AirBnB and Expedia Inc (NASDAQ: EXPE) HomeAway have made it easy for travelers to avoid the standard hotel experience. A new startup is disrupting the industry even further in the ultra-luxury segment.

VILLAWAY, is a luxury AirBnB-like platform that just launched with over 5,000 villas in 100 world-class destinations. The company’s selection includes exclusive estates, chateaus and private island retreats around the world. Offering everything from mansions in the Hollywood Hills to island getaways in Antigua, it is an AirBnB on steroids.


The company’s selection of luxury villas sets it apart from competitors vying to be the leader in the multi-billion-dollar luxury vacation rental market. The sheer number of vetted properties and the company's ability to scale its growth are the result of VILLAWAY's advanced internet platform, which has provided from its inception an inventory to rival AirBnB's inventory.

A main difference between VILLAWAY and AirBnB is that VILLLAWAY only provides exclusively high-end properties, targeting travelers seeking an alternative to four- or five-star hotels.

A recent search on AirBnB for “Los Angeles rental” resulted in over 300+ listings from a $29 room per night offering to a villa in Beverly Hills for $2,489, with average rentals at $127 per night. In contrast, a similar search on VILLAWAY yielded 61 villas ranging from $425 to $3,995. VILLAWAY is operating at the highest end of the travel market and is a go-to platform for the ultra wealthy and celebrities.

“Our clients are looking for the easiest way to experience luxurious, comfortable travel with all the comforts of home. We carefully vet every one of our hand-selected villas and provide our clients with all the amenities of a five-star hotel in the privacy of a spectacular villa,” said VILLAWAY CEO, Joe Liebke in an interview with Benzinga.

Affordable Luxury

At first, one may think a villa vacation would be much more expensive than staying in a luxury hotel. However, groups and large parties have some of the greatest savings potential when comparing a villa rental versus the cost of hotel rooms.

When looking at the cost of one night at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills, for $2,575 per night, users can rent a 1,400-square-foot grand suite with one bedroom and a queen pull-out bed and 1.5 baths. On VILLAWAY, for $1,575 users can reserve a private six-bedroom, nine-bath villa in Beverly Hills that’s over 6,000 square feet and accommodates up to 15 guests.

By building the customer experience around Les Clef d’or concierge services, the company is able accommodate guests' every need: from restaurant reservations to front-row seats, private chauffeured rides to yoga lessons and wine tours — the list is vast.

“Our commitment to our customers' experience is our number one goal. We stand behind every villa we represent to ensure our clients find the perfect villa for business, relaxation, romantic getaways, or weddings,” said Liebke.

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