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Airline stocks slide, Sandisk at 52-wk low, Facebook in focus

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Airline stocks are down in trading today after officials said the co-pilot of the Germanwings flight that crashed into the French Alps Tuesday downed the plane deliberately. French prosecutors say there are no signs of terrorism, but airlines stocks are down across the board, with the NYSE Arca Airline Index (^XAL) off about a percent.

Sandisk (SNDK) is down by a huge 17% today after the company lowered its revenue outlook to $1.3 billion for the quarter. That's about 9 percent lower than its prior forecast of $1.4-$1.45 billion. The revision led BTIG to downgrade the stock, and that has driven shares to a 52-week low. This isn't the first downward revision for the company. Earlier this year, Sandisk warned that revenue would continue to contract.

Facebook (FB) shares are in focus during the company's F8 developers conference, which will wrap up today. Yesterday, Facebook announced it would open its messenger platform to devleopers. The theme seems to be that Facebook wants to become a family of apps. The stock is down slightly in early trading, but expect more headlines to come out of Palo Alto later in the day.

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