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AIRSHOW-Quotes from Airbus media conference in Singapore

SINGAPORE, Feb 11 (Reuters) - Senior officials from European planemaker Airbus held a media conference at the Singapore Airshow on Tuesday.

Here are a selection of quotes:

Fabrice Bregier, head of Airbus planemaking division

"The message from me is very clear. This (Asia-Pacific) is where the action will be for the industry in the coming years," he said, referring to not just aircraft sales but also airplane maintenance support and partnerships.

John Leahy, Airbus sales chief

"In the passenger market, the fleet of aircraft operated by Asia-Pacific carriers is expected to more than double in the next 20 years, from 4,960 aircraft today to over 12,130 jets, based on higher than average annual traffic growth of 5.8 percent and replacement of nearly 3,770 aircraft in service today."