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AirWare Labs Files Patent Applications for Innovative Nasal Drug Delivery System

Nasal Insufflation Exceeds Oral Administration of Medications in Efficiency, Absorption Rate and Ease of Use

SCOTTSDALE, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / November 13, 2014 / AirWare Labs Corp. (AIRW) today announced the filing of multiple new patent applications for an innovative nasal drug delivery system that will enable users to inhale precise doses of medication into the nasal cavity.

The system will include AirWare Labs' patent-pending disposable sealed cartridge and patent-pending nasal insert system with insufflation plugins, both of which can be filled with medication in powder form. The cartridge and inserts enable the delivery of nasal medication in precise dosages, either all at once or in a controlled release, resulting in faster diffusion rates and eliminating the possibility of using too little or too much of a prescribed medication. In addition, the inserts can be used as an alternative to nasal sprays, which are often reported to cause irritation, discomfort and an unpleasant taste.

Nasal drug delivery can be used for locally acting medications, like decongestants and allergy treatments, as well as for systemically active drugs used to treat migraines or hormone imbalances.

There are several benefits to using a nasal insufflation or respiratory drug delivery system. First, the nasal cavity's mucus membranes and readily accessible vascular bed allow medications to be absorbed into the blood stream as quickly and effectively as intravenous (IV) catheters, making nasal insufflation a good alternative for pediatric patients or people with an aversion to needles. Second, nasal delivery provides fast-acting, full-potency effects vs. orally administered drugs that can become degraded as they are metabolized in the gut or liver.

"Nasal insufflation is a much more efficient drug delivery system than oral administration," said Dan Pool, Vice President of Product Development for AirWare Labs. "Oral medications take time to be digested and absorbed into the bloodstream, and some of the medication is wasted in the process. Even worse, certain medications, like cannabinoids, offer unpredictable dosage levels to the user when taken orally, and other medications like acetaminophen can damage the liver over time. Our nasal drug delivery system eliminates these issues altogether."

Current insufflation devices are expensive and generally only used in hospitals or under the direct supervision of a nurse or physician. AirWare's nasal delivery cartridges and inserts are designed to be affordable and easy to use at home for either prescription or over-the-counter medications.

"We recognized a need in the market for an inexpensive nasal drug delivery device that can be easily and effectively used at home," said Jeffrey Rassás, CEO of AirWare Labs. "With AirWare's innovative new system, we'll be able to work with the pharmaceutical industry to create a highly efficient alternative to some of the most widely used oral and nasal spray medications."

In addition to partnering with pharmaceutical companies, AirWare plans to work with the medical cannabis industry to create a nasal insufflation solution that allows for precise dosing, as dosage control is difficult when ingesting or smoking a medication.

About AirWare Labs Corporation:

AirWare Labs Corp. (publicly traded as OTCQB: AIRW) provides patented and innovative technology solutions for consumer products that promote better health through breathing and enhanced wellbeing. AirWare Labs' products are marketed under the brand name of AIR(R). AIR(R) products utilize an FDA approved medical grade material, molded as an intranasal Air Breathe dilator, to act as the delivery system. This AIR(R) microstructure enhances normal nasal airflow with every breath -- clinically proven to deliver up to 40% more oxygen.

Some AIR(R) products are infused with essential oils with unique healing properties including antibacterial and therapeutic defense against airborne allergens, viruses and bacteria. AIR(R) Allergy and Travel products provide additional defense in the form of an integrated filter media from 3M to remove microscopic particles that carry viruses, allergens and bacteria. Other AIR(R) specialty products help provide performance enhancements and relief from congestion, insomnia, headaches, nausea, and snoring. For more product information, please visit: http://www.airwarelabs.com or company information visit: http://airwarelabscorp.com.

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