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AJ Greentech Signs Contract with Taiwan BYD to Manufacture Electric Car That Will be Known as the E6 Electric Taxi

NEW YORK, NY & TAICHUNG, TAIWAN / ACCESSWIRE / November 17, 2014 / AJ Greentech Holdings, Ltd. (AJGH), a leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of green energy, announced it has signed a contract with its Taiwan subsidiary, Taiwan BYD to assemble and manufacture its highly efficient and powerful electric car which will be used as a taxi, known as the e6.

The e6 electric taxi models will revolutionize the sustainable energy movement with its statistics. With a maximum speed of 140 km/hr and an acceleration of 0 to 97 km/hr in 8 seconds, it is a force to be reckoned with on the market. A fully charged e6 taxi can travel for 300 km without a charge. It's charging statistics are also a thing of marvel. With a 2-hour charge time to 100% and a 40 minute charge to reach 80%, travel time and charge time should not even be concerns for consumers. Customers will also be pleased with the e6's battery warranty of 10 years, an outstanding deal for owners of the e6 taxi model.

Ms. Chu Li An, CEO, stated, "This contract will ensure that our initiative for revolutionizing green energy transportation is carried out. By driving this e6 electric taxi, drivers will save 10,000 Taiwan dollars a year on transportation costs, an unparalleled deal, while at the same time, providing a safer environment for all the citizens of Taiwan. We are extremely glad to be part of the process. As we proceed with the electric buses and the electric taxis, we are eagerly searching out new opportunities to engage in the renewable energy market for transportation."

About Taiwan Solar Energy Co., Ltd.:

Taiwan Solar Energy Co., Ltd. (TSE) takes the responsibility for protecting the Earth with advancing New Energy businesses and technologies. Therefore TSE has coined the term "New Energy Agriculture" as part of its mission statement. Their major investment at this stage focuses on the Projects of New Energy Agriculture Farms, large New Energy Power Plants, Power Plants of BIPV in Cities, and expansive Power Nets Reserved and Energy Storage Systems. With its "beneficial for the common good" attitude, TSE believes that creating techniques in New Energy and rewarding all people has been the company's driving force. Senior professionals, consultants and many intro-national & international partners realize that efficient investments of all projects will yield excellent rewards. TSE expects to become professional leaders in the field of Global New Energy and New Energy Agriculture. Additional information about the company is available at: http://www.twsolarenergy.com/en.

About AJ Greentech Holdings:

AJ Greentech Holdings is a full-service environmental technologies and R&D firm dedicated to providing innovative solutions to communities, industries and governments addressing the issues of green energy, environmental protection and sustainability. It offers innovative solutions for Green Transportation, Green Energy and Sustainability. AJ Greentech integrates its own native advanced technologies along with third-party technologies and systems to provide its customers with the most effective and economical solutions. Additional information about the company is available at: www.ajgreentech.com.

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