AJ Gunasena Was Fed Up With His 9 To 5 Job As A Sales Representative, So He Became His Own Boss And Created Betwithaj Consulting LLC

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 2, 2020 / As the owner and CEO of the largest online sports betting consulting firm in Las Vegas, Betwithaj Consulting LLC, AJ Gunasena has spent the last decade building his sports betting consulting empire. His motto is: he picks, you profit. AJ offers premier seasonal packages for anyone interested in making a legitimate stream of income in the sports betting industry. If you can read an email, follow directions, and place a bet directly from your smartphone you can make money with Betwithaj Consulting LLC.

Having started from the ground up and learned everything himself, AJ faced a long road of trial and errors that got him to where he is today. Ten years ago he sold phones at AT&T as a sales rep. He was so good at what he was doing that the company capped his commission structure.

"I was upset. I was lost. I got burnt out. I wasn't learning anything new anymore. There was no challenge," he recalls.

After working there for three plus years, he decided to give his two weeks notice and leave the 9-5 rat race because he knew working for someone else wasn't for him. He knew he wanted to be his own boss and leave a legacy.

Soon after, AJ chose to take sports betting more serious and made it his main source of income. Through his new business venture, he learned about money management and discipline. Fast forward to ten years later, he now runs a 7 figure online sports betting consulting business where he caters to 4200 plus clients from all over the world. AJ has managed to reach financial freedom at the age of 30 and is just starting. "I am my own competition now. I learn something new everyday. I challenge myself daily. I used to think sports betting is GAMBLING, but I realized with money management, discipline and persistence; it is simply a long-term investment. Sports betting has blessed me to be able to live an extravagant life," he says. He now gets to work from home and gets to see and support his family everyday. He gets to make money straight from his iPhone and help others do the same. Ultimately, AJ feels like he has retired himself from corporate America. As a serial entrepreneur, he loves to challenge himself and maintains a dream of having multiple streams of income.

Since he was a young adult, he knew that he wanted to be his own boss. In his early teens and twenties, AJ was in and out of different work fields looking to gain all of the experience he could. He wanted to stand out from the crowd and be the best in everything that he did. It wasn't until he was introduced into sports betting that he knew he could dominate in this industry.

By putting branding before sales and creating his own content, he always managed to be ten steps ahead if there is a competition. He is able to back his sports picks 100% because he knows how much time he dedicates into the research.

"My competitors can't win games like me or sell like me; only I can do that. Give the customers what they want and they will never jump ship. When I sell, I target not only the decision makers, but also the people who are going to benefit from what I'm selling," he says.

AJ Gunasena plans to make Betwithaj Consulting LLC the premier #1 Sports Information consulting service company in the nation. Through ruthless persistence and razor focus, AJ is committed to making this happen.

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