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Ajustee Product Launch: New Startup Disrupts App Configuration Storage and Management Space

Ajustee is announcing its first product launch.

COSTA MESA, California, Jan. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Ajustee is a mission-driven company, offering a smart solution, enabling teams to manage, organize, and control changes across entities during the Software Development Life Cycle. Risk Free. 

This is Ajustee's official debut as a company, offering a brilliant solution to suit all kinds of software platforms - from indie to enterprise level. Ajustee has just passed its 1st anniversary and is continuously growing. Backed by young diverse talent, Ajustee's team understands the importance of efficiency in new-gen development, thus has built the platform with the end-user in mind, and powered it with AWS – leader in cloud technology.

Ajustee takes the good old feature flags and brings the principle to the new level. It goes beyond feature toggles - handling parameters like strings, numbers, date & time, and secret data type. It enables managing of your most sensitive data like passwords in an organized and secure way.

With overrides, teams can pass values to applications based on values they track. All data is continuously backed up and encrypted. Guided by the highest standards, Ajustee can handle enterprise workloads and mission-critical projects. We respect best security practices by granting granular access to settings limited by scope, and giving control over modifications via robust audit and logging systems. Modern agile teams can manage deployments with confidence that all environments have proper configuration values, while Ajustee's user-friendly UI transforms technical configuration management into an easy task.

Founded at the beginning of 2019 by two like-minded partners in search of a solution to a perpetual complexity of managing software configurations. Driven by decades of experience in app development, product management, and leading teams, they met in the right place at the right time to combine business courage and passion to technology.

Before Ajustee, both partners utilized spreadsheets with lists of configurations for individual clients and projects. Feature-based and highly configurable solutions pose many challenges with deployments and configurations - lack of flexibility, visibility, and data benchmarking are still in the way to adopting modern DevOps practices. Our goals and values were always aligned – deliver on a promise to provide:

  • Centralized Application Configuration Storage & Management Solution
  • User-friendly interface for non-developers
  • DevSecOps enabler - feature segmentation at a granular level
  • Control over multiple environments with different feature sets

Maryna Gaidak
Marketing Communications  
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