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AK Steel: ITC preliminarily rules against unfairly traded imports of NOES

AK Steel said that the U.S. International Trade Commission has made a unanimous preliminary determination that non-oriented electrical steel, or NOES, produced in several foreign countries is causing injury to AK Steel. The preliminary injury determination means that cases against NOES producers in six countries will proceed. AK Steel filed petitions with the ITC and the United States Department of Commerce on September 30 charging that unfairly traded imports of NOES from China, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Sweden and Taiwan were causing material injury to the domestic industry. Antidumping cases were filed against all six countries, in addition to countervailing duty cases alleging subsidization in China, South Korea and Taiwan. The cases now move to the Commerce Department for determinations as to whether foreign producers are violating U.S. antidumping law by selling their products at less than fair value in the United States, and U.S. countervailing duty law covering government subsidies.