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Alaska bill gives tax credits for private tuition

Joshua Berlinger, Associated Press

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) -- Alaskans who send their kids to private school might be in line for a tax break if a new bill becomes law.

SB92 grants municipalities the authority to grant taxpayers a credit for private school tuition paid during the same tax year. The credit would offset one's property taxes and the money saved could then be used to establish education scholarships, according to Sen. John Coghill, the bill's sponsor.

Coghill called the measure a part of a "larger discussion on school choice."

Sen. Mike Dunleavy has proposed a similar bill giving taxpayers a credit if they donate money for "educational support purposes" at public, private and religious elementary and secondary schools.

SB89 was referred to the Senate Education and Finance Committees.



SB89: http://bit.ly/13BM1VI

SB92: http://bit.ly/108aaxP