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Alec Baldwin Slams Billionaire Hedge Funder Arpad Busson As 'B-Level Villain In A Bond Film'

Aly Weisman
Alec Baldwin

Andreas Rentz/Getty

Alec Baldwin is fuming after Arpad Busson refused to fund one of his film projects.

Another day, another Alec Baldwin meltdown.

This time the actor is taking aim at  hedge-fund billionaire-turned-film producer (" On the Road"), Arki Busson , who also happens to be Uma Thurman's boyfriend and baby daddy.

Apparently Baldwin is miffed at Busson after a trip to the Cannes Film Festival in which the actor was  pitching an Iraq-set romance movie.

Baldwin was repeatedly told he couldn't get funding for the project, specifically by Busson who said it was because the "30 Rock" star is  now considered a TV star, not a movie star. 

The whole thing is documented in this month's  HBO doc " Seduced and Abandoned"  —  an exploration of several interconnected subjects: The Cannes Film Festival, cinema art, money, glamor and death.

Baldwin retaliated with an epic insult rant against Busson as reported by TV Guide:

Arpad Busson

Ian Gavan/Getty

Arpad "Arki" Busson with longtime partner, actress Uma Thurman.

"The person who makes that statement most witheringly is [Arpad] 'Arki' Busson. He reminds me of a B-level villain in a Bond film. It's a part Robert Davi would play if you couldn't get Alan Rickman with a cat in his lap. He's a pockmarked toady who hops from yacht to yacht and bed to bed. So when some bloated little toad like Busson labels me a certain way, I say to myself, 'Consider the source.' If movie stardom meant being trapped on a yacht with Busson, I'd rather be a weatherman for Channel 4 in New York."


Baldwin, who's launching an MSNBC talk show this month and recently appeared in Woody Allen's "Blue Jasmine," isn't fond of film studio execs, either.

"These are people who know nothing about what makes a movie," Baldwin says. "I'm not blaming them — they only have what they have. They're all factotums of multi-lateral corporations. It's all money, money, money."

But there is at least one person in Hollywood who Baldwin respects: Steven Spielberg.

"He owns his own f---ing studio," Baldwin says of the Dreamworks honcho. "He doesn't have to go to one of the douchebags from Warner Bros. and explain to them why his movie is marketable."

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