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Alex Bregman surprised a struggling waitress with a $500 tip

Alex Bregman of the Houston Astros isn’t letting the offseason pass him by. The infielder has started his very own YouTube channel, where you can get a peek into his life and see what it’s like to be Alex Bregman. Bregman’s first original video features him and his buddies road tripping to Baton Rouge to watch his alma mater LSU play (and get walloped by) Alabama.

Bregman’s second original video has a decidedly different tone. He posted it on Wednesday, and it features Bregman and his buddies going out for drinks in Houston while also helping out a struggling waitress with a $500 tip.

Bregman didn’t leave anything to chance. He called ahead to the bar to let them know he was coming, and to find out if anyone on the waitstaff was having money issues. One of the servers was a woman who had recently moved out on her own while working and going to school full time. Her car had been broken into, and once Bregman heard that, he wanted to help her.

Bregman admitted in the car that he was “nervous” about how she would react, so once they arrived he went through the gang’s whole plan: sit down, order water, get a “phone call” that calls them away, then leave a $500 tip on the table and wait just outside.

Everything went pretty much according to plan, though the plan didn’t include Bregman and his friends making terrible small talk with the waitress about their diets and putting her through the third degree about her life. But when they asked for the check, which was for a single iced tea, they left her $500 in cash on the table and went outside immediately to wait. Minutes later, she came outside in tears to thank them for the gift.

In the video, Bregman explains why he wanted to do this on his YouTube channel.

“We wanted to do some things that would help some people out, especially here in the Houston community, a community that’s done so much for myself … I think it’s a good deed, and I think when you’re an athlete or someone who has the platform that we have, I feel like it’s important to give back and really use that platform in the right way.”

Alex Bregman and his friends went to a bar and tipped a waitress $500 after ordering a single iced tea. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

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