Alex Caragiannides, Founder of BSM Vault, Launches The Automation Sales Machine for Real Estate & Mortgage Pros

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The Automation Sales Machine is Ideal for Both Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 2, 2020 / Alex Caragiannides, founder of BSM Vault, is pleased to announce the launch of The Automation Sales Machine, which is designed to help professionals in the Real Estate and Mortgage industries grow their businesses by capturing and converting more leads online into sales and boosting their social brand awareness.

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Through his work, Alex has learned first-hand that gaining a strong market share is about being omnipresent and having a strong digital and social marketing strategy. This knowledge inspired him to create and launch The Automation Sales Machine, which will help Real Estate and Mortgage professionals capture and convert more leads to real conversations and ultimately, sales.

Through The Automation Sales Machine, Alex and his team at BSM Vault work on identifying the perfect client, perfect message and deploying the perfect system to attract and convert leads into sales without being pushy or overbearing.

"I help Real Estate and Mortgage professionals combine the power of social media, automation, and digital marketing to Capture and Convert More Leads Online into Sales," Alex said.

Alex has also created an effective online platform that enables Realtors and Mortgage Professionals to reach thousands of consumers. Alex is committed to staying connected to marketing trends and implementing new technologies daily to help his clients stay current and cutting edge.

The Automation Sales Machine is already creating quite a positive buzz in the Real Estate Sector as Andrew Russell, Owner of RCG Mortgage wrote in a review.

"In less than 12 months Alex Caragiannides and his team at BSM Vault scaled my business to a 20X ROI," Andrew wrote. Learn more here: Mortgage Success Case Study

About Alex Caragiannides:

Alex Caragiannides, Founder of BSM Vault, is the creator of The Automation Sales Machine, designed specifically for Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals. A humble student to his mentors and coaches, Alex's core belief is: "when somebody teaches you something, the speed of implementation is the number one determining factor of your success-or your failure." He carries this through to his work and his life, looking to help others achieve all they can both personally and professionally. To learn more and book a strategy and demo call, please visit


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