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Alex Hern, San Diego based CEO of Tsunami XR, Explores the Impact of Immersive Software on Workplace Efficiency and Productivity

SAN DIEGO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 11, 2018 / The Harvard Business Review reports that 50% of Americans are now involved in remote or virtual team work. Innovative software programs are transforming day-to-day operations for companies, providing new opportunities for growth and cost control. Businesses are just beginning to understand the benefits of integrating digital environments into the workplace, according to San Diego-based AlexHern of Tsunami XR.

Recent investment data reveals that firms are willing to invest in XR technology to enhance their core business. In 2017, immersivetechnologies investments totaled $339 million for onsite assembly and safety applications, and process manufacturing saw $248 million in capital. Companies are seeking technology-driven solutions that allow employees located at different offices to interact in real time, reducing administrative costs. Workflows are improved as new software breaks down the barriers between physical and digital worlds. For client facing businesses, these so called ''mixed'' realities can be created to provide customers with interactive experiences when launching new products or services. Receiving customers' immediate feedback through guided virtual walks now allow companies to respond more quickly to consumer preferences, according to AlexHern.

Integrating immersive technology into a workspace can enhance productivity in design and manufacturing processes. In 2017, global information technology services provider Fujitsu launched workstations capable of simulating 3D environments. These high-tech desktops enable employees to perform complex tasks with computer aided design programs and augmented reality hardware. Engineers are able to create, test and modify product prototypes without building expensive models. In manufacturing, technicians can assemble and repair equipment by overlaying digital instructions onto the physical environment. When Boeing completed a pilot project using Google Glass headsets to install wiring on newly built aircraft, the company found worker productivity increased by 40%.

Virtual or augmented reality is already being used in many industries as a training tool. This is especially relevant to sectors where heavy machinery is regularly used. For example, oil and gas producers use simulated environments to teach workers how to operate equipment in high risk surroundings, such as drilling rigs. Not only is this approach safer and less costly than training staff in the field, it transfers corporate knowledge with a high degree of accuracy. According to service provider HoneywellProcess Solutions, these training methods improve skill retention by 100% (versus conventional methods), and reduces the length of the instruction period by up to 150%.

Based in San Diego, Alex Hern is the CEO of Tsunami XR, a leading technology solution crossed platform reality provider in Digital spaces. Started in 2011, the company provides state of the art virtual content solutions for the enterprise market. Clients of Tsunami XR include top global companies in nearly every industry sector. For 25 years, Hern has incubated and scaled early stage ventures into multi-million dollar technology companies. In 1998, he co-founded YesMail.com, an email marketing business that was acquired by CMGI (now ModusLink Global Solutions) for $650 million. Hern is also the co-founder of Arcsight, a cybersecurity firm that was sold to Hewlett Packard for $1.5 billion in 2010. He has served on the Boards of Newhomes.com, Zero Knowledge Systems, and Triton Network Systems.

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