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Alex Rodriguez Just Got Jennifer Lopez The Most Insane Stripper-Themed Cake to Celebrate 'Hustlers'

Alanna Lauren Greco
Photo credit: Kevin Mazur - Getty Images

From Delish

  • Jennifer Lopez's much-hyped movie Hustlers finally came out last night.
  • To celebrate, her fiancé Alex Rodriguez surprised her with a very intricate stripper-themed cake.

After a full summer of teasing us with Instagram stories and clips, everyone's favorite stripper movie Hustlers was released to the general public yesterday.

For those of you who didn't spend last night at the movie theater (and what are you doing with your life??), spoiler: Hustlers is good. And Jennifer Lopez—who has a whole pole dancing sequence which is hard AF to do in real life—is fantastic in the movie and has been getting glowing reviews.

So of course her fiancé Alex Rodriquez wanted to celebrate the film's release last night, and he did that in the best way possible, aka by getting JLo a very intricate stripper-themed cake, complete with two decorative pole dancers, the name of the movie, little one hundred-dollar bills, and frosting that says "Congratulations on your movie!" It's all very casual!

Photo credit: Instagram

He also got her a tray of cake pops (though sadly the bakers didn't attach little pole dancer cutouts to their sticks, which only seems LOGICAL), and a card, writing, "Congratulations on Hustlers. So proud of her! Love Hustling through love with you. Love, Macho."

Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

Aw, these two are so cute! And this isn't the first time that ARod and JLo have been generally adorable. When they got engaged in March, Alex got down on one knee while they were on the beach at sunset, because clearly they have a picture-perfect romance that's made for the movies. And just in case you were wondering, I'm totally fine with it and not jealous at all!!!

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