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Alexa can now stream music from Deezer

Swapna Krishna
Amazon's plan to put Alexa everywhere is extending from homes to hotels and,

Deezer has been rapidly expanding its footprint, from the devices it's available on to adding voice control. Now it's adding Alexa to the mix. Not only is Deezer voice control available on Amazon's Echo devices, but it's also accessible on devices that support Alexa, such as the Sonos One and Ultimate Ears BLAST. The service will be accessible to users in 66 countries.

Premium+ customers in the UK can use the command "Alexa, play Flow" to play a never ending stream of individually customized music. All Deezer users can take advantage of voice commands to search for and play albums, artists and songs. Deezer on Alexa also supports play, pause, song skipping and volume control.

In order to stay competitive, Deezer needs to be available on as many devices as possible, and it's certainly doing that. In the last year, the service has come to the Roku, Google Home and more.

  • This article originally appeared on Engadget.