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Alexa users can now opt out of having Amazon workers listen to them talk

Adam Rosenberg

Don't love the idea of some random Amazon employee reviewing your Alexa query about whether or not it's safe for the dog to eat honeydew? Now you can opt out.

(It is safe, and even healthy, for your dog to eat some honeydew, by the way.)

The new privacy feature is a months-later response to the April revelation that some Amazon employees manually review recorded exchanges with Alexa, and can see where the user is located. You can find it in the Alexa Privacy section of Amazon's website or smartphone apps.

All Alexa users should probably go ahead and opt out now, given Amazon's handling of the issue so far. When word first emerged that employees were manually reviewing Alexa recordings — a practice that wasn't disclosed in Alexa's terms and conditions at the time — Amazon claimed that those employees had no way to connect a recording with the user's location. Read more...

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