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Algae Cells Ravage Wastewater Toxins and Greenhouse Gases, Then Hide in Running Shoes

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MISSOULA, Mont., May 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- A band of thugs is on the loose. The algae cells in question ate harmful substances from municipal wastewater, allowing clean water to flow into our waterways. During their rampage, they also kidnapped harmful greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide. Onlookers took a gasp of fresh air as they watched. The algae cells responsible for this chain of events are currently hiding, with those gases, in the soles of a pair of running shoes, where they forcibly removed the current resident. The displaced resident was a well-known fossil fuel derivative, EVA. The gasses plan to sequester themselves there for the foreseeable future!


CLEARAS (Missoula, MT) and BLOOM™ (Meridian, MS) have announced a partnership where BLOOM™ will purchase algae from CLEARAS to be used in sustainable materials that will go into running shoes, yoga mats and other products. "By collaborating with CLEARAS, we incentivize environmental restoration when consumer product brands use our BLOOM™ sustainable materials. The CLEARAS system uses sunlight and wastewater to produce clean water and valuable algae biomass with certifiable positive impact. The BLOOM technology uses extrusion to combine a variety of polymers and algae biomass that help restore the environment. Working together, we can clean air and water while reducing petroleum-based plastics in consumer products using algae," said Ryan Hunt, BLOOM's CTO.

The initial biomass will ship from the Village of Roberts, WI, where they are using CLEARAS Advanced Biological Nutrient Recovery (ABNR) to recover the phosphorous and nitrogen from the wastewater. That system currently cleans over 150,000 gallons of water per day, consumes 176 tons of greenhouse gases per year and generates over 160,000 pounds of biomass every year. "We have cleaned the water, cleaned the air and our new partnership allows us to close the loop on the circular economy with earth-friendly products," said Greg Guard, CLEARAS' CEO.

About CLEARAS Inc.
CLEARAS invented technology that recovers finite natural resources to economically clean our water, clean our air and advance the production of earth-friendly products.

For more information, visit www.clearaswater.com

About BLOOM™, an Algix LLC Brand:
For more information visit www.bloomtreadwell.com


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