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Ali Mayar Adds New Post to his Website on How Hardships Can Actually Change Lives for the Better

The New Article Discusses Seven Unpredictable Parts of Life that Often Have a Silver Lining

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 8, 2015 / Ali Mayar, a successful entrepreneur and CEO of Platinum Rapid Funding Group, has just posted a thought-provoking new article to his website that looks at how unpredictable hardships can usually change a person's life for the better.

As Ali Mayar explains in the new article, becoming a great person comes from handling a variety of experiences, both good and bad. While there is very little motivation to improve when everything is going well, when people encounter challenges and even heartbreak, they will be inspired to change their lives for the better.

For example, in a press release from June, Mayar said one of the biggest mistakes he sees is when entrepreneurs become too comfortable. Instead of becoming stagnant, people should welcome the chance to grow in business and personally—even if this means encountering difficult times.

To illustrate his point, Ali Mayar lists seven of the most unpredictable parts of life that can actually make someone a better person. For example, someone who has just endured a breakup with a loved one will usually feel figuratively shattered and extremely sad. While people who have been jilted may feel like they will never love again, Mayar said this feeling will eventually pass.

"Taking the high road and seeking to become a good person regardless of your broken heart will help you grow as a person and cure yourself of the relationship," he wrote.

Another hardship that Mayar discusses in his new article is being caught in severe loneliness.

"Some individuals fully accept that being lonely is a fact of life, some don't," he wrote, adding that it is important to not to let loneliness take over.

"You happen to be the boss of your life. Once you manage your life, you'll find you are much stronger than you ever thought possible."

Being rejected on more than one occasion is another negative life experience that Mayar said has a positive side. As he explains, the more rejection a person has to deal with, the less it will hurt.

"In the future, you will deal with it a lot more appropriately and go forward much quicker," he said.

About Ali Mayar:

Ali Mayar is a business professional who enjoys building brands and businesses he's launched as much as helping other professionals build their own. For more business advice from Ali Mayar, visit his site at: http://www.alimayarvideo.com/.


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