Alien Worlds NFTs sell out in first ETH-WAX Dutch auction

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ZUG, Switzerland, Oct. 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via CryptoCurrencyWire -- Alien Worlds (, the NFT DeFi metaverse created by the team that pioneered the decentralised autonomous community (DAC) and tokenised block producer eosDAC, has sold out its inaugural NFT sale in the first-ever Dutch auction on the WAX Blockchain.

Alien Worlds is the only NFT DeFi project cross-denominated on both Ethereum and WAX. Gamers farm the metaversal ERC-20 token, Trilium, using NFT land and tools. NFT cards confer gameplay advantages in mining and fighting, and power is expressed by participants staking the ERC-20 Trilium token to planets, each of which is a DAC with dedicated elected leadership.

The Alien Worlds inaugural Dutch NFT auction concluded on Oct. 10, 2020, and allowed gamers to secure Launch Packs at a range of prices. Launch Packs sold out well in advance of the conclusion of the auction, which was scheduled to run for 24 hours.

Buyers opined on purchasing strategies in the active Alien Worlds Telegram channel during the lively auction and are keenly awaiting the four additional Alien Worlds NFT pack sales that will occur this autumn. Buyers paid the opening Dutch auction prices to secure “first mints,” which are popular among NFT collectors due to their ultra-rarity. As prices moved down through the price range, auction participants were determined to secure Alien Worlds NFT cards with better stats, which make mining and fighting more lucrative within the metaverse and which can later be “shined” for even greater gameplay efficiency.

The upcoming NFT auction schedule will be:

  • Oct. 23: Rare Pack Sale – 4,000 packs with greater probabilities of receiving Rare-type cards and some special cards reserved for this sale.

  • Nov. 6: Legendary Pack Sale – 3,000 packs with greater probabilities of receiving Legendary-type cards.

  • Nov. 20: eosDAC Pack Sale – Sale for eosDAC tokens with bonus probabilities.

  • Dec. 4: Special Land Pack Sale – The only chance to obtain Land NFTs.

The auctions take place on the Alien Worlds Sales website and offer parallel supply on Ethereum and WAX. NFT holders from Ethereum communities like Decentraland, Gods Unchained, Sandbox, RARI and Axie, as well as the growing WAX-based NFT communities, participate in tandem. Alien Worlds NFTs are available in the upcoming auction series, but the fungible Trilium token can only be obtained in-game through play. Alien Worlds co-founder and blockchain lead Michael Yeates has innovated the first cross-chain Ethereum-WAX methodology, which allows the fungible Trilium token to be recorded and transacted simultaneously across both blockchains.

“The success of Alien Worlds’ first auction tells me our community understands how NFTs complement DeFi so synergistically,” said Alien Worlds co-founder Rob Allen. “People love NFTs because they are digital items you can use in gameplay and collect. People love DeFi because it’s an emerging application of blockchain through which we find sources of potential earnings and arrange those directly with peers. Within Alien Worlds there’s a home for both, because our project relies on both NFTs and the decentralised autonomous community or DAC structure, which allows users to decide how earnings are apportioned.”

Since Ethereum is the home of DeFi and WAX is “the King of NFTs,” Alien Worlds sits at the crossroads of these advances in blockchain by being the first and only cross-denominated project. To strengthen this conjunction, Alien Worlds is reaching out to highly invested Ethereum NFT enthusiasts. The project has dropped Promo Packs of NFTs onto the top 6,400 NFT holders in Decentraland, RARI, Gods Unchained, Sandbox and Axie. Users can check if they made the cut and claim their Promo Packs via Alien Worlds is also seeking ETH Ambassadors to help spread the word.

“We’re excited to see how the community evolves this project, particularly in terms of ‘planets,’” said co-founder Sarojini McKenna. “Users choose where to stake their Trilium, and a planet with more Trilium staked to it will receive more rewards, which that planet can decide how to use – including paying its backers. The fact that each planet is its own DAC makes this truly decentralised, which we know from experience leads to an abundance of energy and creativity; wonderful things you never could have foreseen start happening.”

Alien Worlds is set in a future in which some of Earth’s inhabitants have discovered a way to escape the raging pandemics on Earth through a wormhole revealed to them by an advanced alien race, which sent messages through Bitcoin mining algorithms. To build a fairer economy, everything in the Alien Worlds metaverse was tokenised.

Now, the Alien Worlds “Star Route” or roadmap, published on the project’s website, includes the launch of the beta Unity user interface, the opening of the “shining” functionality in which NFTs can be combined to create rarer items, and the commencement of battling using NFT weapons and minions in the Thunder Dome. Further developments in the metaversal narrative arc, sometimes precipitated by guidance from an Ancient Alien AI, will be ongoing.

About Alien Worlds ( Alien Worlds is a smart-contract decentralised metaverse combining DeFi farming with NFT card-based strategy play. Alien Worlds has partnered with a game engineering studio to create the metaversal UI, which will call blockchain commands seamlessly so anyone can explore, earn, battle and stake in Alien Worlds. For more information, join our Telegram or Discord or refer to our Blockchain Technical Blueprint.

About Dacoco ( Alien Worlds creators Dacoco GmbH are based in Zug’s Crypto Valley and have a strong EOSIO pedigree. The team were instrumental in the EOS chain launch as key members of “Ghostbusters,” the tech group that successfully garnered sufficient tokenholder backing to launch the EOS blockchain. Dacoco founders were also crucial to the highly successful 2018 eosDAC airdrop and are active workers within eosDAC, the only DAC block producer on EOS, WAX and other chains. Dacoco GmbH is a member of the Blockchain Game Alliance.

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