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Alimera Sciences, Inc. Discusses Its 2021 Global Expansion Strategy with The Stock Day Podcast

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Phoenix, Arizona--(Newsfile Corp. - February 1, 2021) - The Stock Day Podcast welcomed Alimera Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ: ALIM) ("the Company"), a pharmaceutical company that specializes in the commercialization and development of prescription ophthalmic pharmaceuticals. President and CEO of the Company, Rick Eiswirth, joined Stock Day host Everett Jolly.

Jolly began the interview by asking about the Company's background and current projects. "We are an ophthalmology company, so we're focused on finding ways to treat diseases in the eye. Specifically, we are focused on treating diseases in the back of the eye," explained Eiswirth. "We think there's a great opportunity to build a company around retina specialists," he continued, adding that there are currently very few companies that focus on this area of treatment. "We're truly trying to build something special, focused on those physicians and their patients. We're doing it with our first product, called ILUVIEN®, which we believe is a better way to treat disease in the back of the eye."

"Our primary indication in the United States and in Europe right now is for a disease called diabetic macular edema," said Eiswirth, noting that the condition can lead to blindness in diabetic patients and is caused by swelling in the retina. "Traditionally, diabetic macular edema (DME) and other diseases in the back of the eye are treated with short-term therapies," he explained, adding that many of these treatments require regular injections in the eye and allow the condition to return.

"We're trying to address that problem," said Eiswirth. "We believe that we have a better mousetrap to treat disease; it's the only durable therapy out there. It's a micro insert in the eye," explained Eiswirth. "It's very tiny and it holds enough corticosteroid to treat the disease for up to three years. It delivers what we call 'continuous microdosing'."

"Why aren't more doctors using this today?", asked Jolly. "We've treated around 35,000 patients around the globe today, but we obviously think a lot more should see the opportunity for it," said Eiswirth. "I think it's the lack of data, and recently we've made some steps to try to change that," he shared, before elaborating on the potential of the retina market. "We're doing what's called the New Day Study, which is a head-to-head comparison against the standard of care," he continued. "We expect to get the results of that study over the next couple of years."

"How big is your company?", asked Jolly. Trading at less than one times revenue at just over $6 per share, Eiswirth shared that the Company remains undervalued. "We've got a big opportunity to grow where we are right now, and then the New Day Study is sort of the option value to ramp up the revenue a lot faster," said Eiswirth. "We've got about 140 employees in the US and in Europe, and our product right now is available in 12 countries around the globe," he shared. "We hope to be in another 6 to 7 countries by the end of 2021," he added. "The reason we are growing that footprint is to grow revenue, but also to create value for other people who want to launch drugs in the retina space."

"Where is the growth coming from?", asked Jolly. "Right now, we're commercially available in 8 countries in Europe," said Eiswirth. "The first growth point is growing organically in all of those markets," he said. "The second piece is continued geographic expansion," said Eiswirth, before elaborating on the Company's expansion potential.

Eiswirth then shared that the Company also has a second indication for an inflammatory disease called Uveitis. "It's traditionally treated with systemic steroids, so the idea of giving a localized steroid makes a lot of sense," said Eiswirth, adding that the drug has only been launched for that indication in Germany and the UK so far. "We hope to spread throughout Europe with that indication over the next several months and throughout 2021 as well."

"How has your company managed to overcome the COVID crisis?", asked Jolly. "I'm really proud of my team and the way we've managed facing COVID," said Eiswirth. "We had a very profitable Q4 of last year," he explained. "It actually positioned us to a point where we had enough critical mass to really survive COVID," shared Eiswirth. "We've gone through COVID without furloughing a single employee, without laying anybody off, and frankly our revenue for the year is only down about six or seven percent from 2019," said Eiswirth. "It really positions us to take advantage of the opportunity coming out of COVID," he explained. "The value of a durable, long-term, and consistent therapy has really been highlighted by the COVID situation."

To close the interview, Eiswirth expressed his confidence in the Company's value and growth potential as they continue to move forward with their global expansion and await the results of the New Day Study.

To hear Rick Eiswirth's entire interview, follow the link to the podcast here: https://audioboom.com/posts/7787606-alimera-sciences-inc-discusses-its-2021-global-expansion-strategy-with-the-stock-day-podcast

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About Alimera Sciences, Inc.

Alimera Sciences is a pharmaceutical company that specializes in the commercialization and development of prescription ophthalmic pharmaceuticals. Alimera is presently focused on diseases affecting the back of the eye, or retina, because these diseases are not well treated with current therapies and affect millions of people in our aging populations. For more information, please visit www.alimerasciences.com.

Forward Looking Statements

This press release may include "forward-looking statements," within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, regarding, among other things, Alimera's expectations regarding the timing of when Alimera can begin more normal operations, Alimera's ability to recover its pre-coronavirus sales momentum, and Alimera's belief that the long-acting benefit of ILUVIEN that is being highlighted during the coronavirus pandemic will increase adoption rates in the future. Such forward-looking statements are based on current expectations and involve inherent risks and uncertainties, including factors that could delay, divert or change these expectations, and could cause actual results to differ materially from those projected in these forward-looking statements. Meaningful factors that could cause actual results to differ include, but are not limited to, uncertainties associated with (a) the continued effects of COVID-19 on the ability or willingness of patients to visit their retina specialists for ILUVIEN injections, including current and future governmental orders and policies adopted by healthcare facilities to address the COVID-19 pandemic; (b) the recent resurgence of the pandemic in both Europe and the U.S., and when in fact the pandemic will subside enough to permit Alimera's operations to return to a more normal state; (c) whether the benefits of ILUVIEN will in fact result in higher rates of adoption in the future, as well as the other factors discussed in the "Risk Factors" and "Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations" sections of (i) Alimera's Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2019, and (ii) Alimera's Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q for the quarter ended September 30, 2020, both of which are on file with the SEC and are available on the SEC's website at http://www.sec.gov. Alimera undertakes no obligation to publicly update or revise any of the forward-looking statements made in this press release, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, except as required by law. Therefore, you should not rely on these forward-looking statements as representing Alimera's views as of any date after today.

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