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Allianz FMCG Launches Celozia, Dr. Neem, Mr. Darlie, Maaqui, Divine Care Brands in India

Health and Wellness Company introduces innovative natural products for personal care, Cosmetics, Food Products

HYDERABAD, India, July 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Allianz FMCG, Brand Owner and manufacturer of natural personal care products, Cosmetics Products, Food products, has unveiled Celozia, Dr. Neem, Mr. Darlie, Maaqui, and Divine Care brands to the Indian market during a launch celebration held recently at the ITC Kohenur Hyderabad, India. Celozia, Dr. Neem, Mr. Darlie, Maaqui, and Divine Care brands look to cater to the growing interest of the regional market in healthy and authentic sources. Allianz FMCG appointed IPL as the Super Stockist for Hyderabad.

R B Thakur, Managing Director, of Allianz FMCG, said: "Introducing Celozia, Dr. Neem, Mr. Darlie, Maaqui, and Divine Care brands to the Indian market is a great opportunity as demand for natural and healthy products continue to grow in this region. We are initially launching them here in India while looking to expand across the region to cater to a consumer base that appreciates health and wellness products that is within reach of consumers, giving more value to affordability. We are confident that the two brands will immediately have a market following given their innovative blend of ingredients that appeal naturally to consumers' preferences."

Celozia, Dr. Neem, Mr. Darlie, Maaqui and Divine Care brands are known for quality natural ingredients and affordability while ensuring availability of a wide variety of consumer products, and aim to fill the gap for this niche market within the region. It has a vast line of locally produced brands of hair and body care, beauty and skin care, baby care, as well as home care products through its manufacturing unit in the Middle East and Asia, including the formulation of popular natural ingredients oud and camel milk to cater to global preferences. Other products contain natural essences from neem and other exotic combinations of aloe vera and yogurt, rose and berries, almond and olive, camel milk and other natural fragrances.

On the healthy food segment, Maaqui specializes in providing the best quality dry fruits and dried fruits, healthy seeds, trail mixes, festive gift hampers, and much more. The products of Maaqui follow international quality standards and taste great. Maaqui is available at almost every leading modern retail and online marketplace. In addition to being high in nutrients, there are various other health benefits of dry fruits and nuts, such as healthy and glowing skin, improved digestive system, and so on. Maaqui assures that the wellness of these products reaches every customer without compromising on taste.

On the oral healthcare front, Mr. Darlie, a global innovator in oral health care products. It offers a wide range of gel toothpastes, an innovative formulation of enamel protect toothpaste, and an affordable range of oral care products.

Thakur, Managing Director of Allianz FMCG concluded: "We look forward to witnessing the rapid expansion of Celozia, Dr. Neem, Mr. Darlie, Maaqui, and Divine Care brands throughout India to provide millions of consumers with the best and the most affordable personal care and wellness and healthy food solutions. Celozia, Dr. Neem, Mr. Darlie, Maaqui, and Divine Care brands are pioneering global products and we are confident they will immediately attract the region's discerning consumers."

Dr. Sakib M Rahman, CEO of Allianz FMCG, and Hon. Consul General, Republic of Liberia, Mr. Rajam, Chairman of Intercontinental, Mr. Suresh Chukkapalli, Honorary Consul General, Republic of Korea, Mr. Harsh Patodia, Honorary Consul General, Republic of Fiji , Prof. G D Singh, Chairman, Asian-Africa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Narender Country Head, Mr. Nagrajan, Sales Head South, Ms. Shikha Dubey, Marketing Head, Mr. Sunil Chauhan, Mr. Voola Joshua Paul and important dignitaries and respected guests and national distributors, and friends from media were also present.

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