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Allison Janney plays mommy dearest to Margot Robbie in official 'I, Tonya' trailer

Ethan Alter
Senior Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

After providing a sneak peek at Margot Robbie’s gold medal-worthy transformation into Tonya Harding, upstart distributor Neon has unleashed the full-length I, Tonya trailer in advance of the movie’s premiere Dec. 8. And if you were still anticipating a somber take on the former skating queen’s life story, prepare to have your world rocked. The new trailer highlights the film’s wild mix of tragedy and comedy that caught audiences at the Toronto International Film Festival — where the Craig Gillespie movie had its world premiere — off-guard in a good way. (Watch the trailer above.)

Much of the comedy comes courtesy of Allison Janney, who plays Harding’s gleefully malicious mother, LaVona Golden. As the film shows, LaVona essentially forced a skating career on her talented daughter, and then refused to provide her with the emotional support necessary to let her talent truly take flight. Tonya’s husband, Jeff Gillooly (Sebastian Stan, aka the Winter Soldier), isn’t much help, either, too often offering abuse rather than assistance. Naturally, I, Tonya doesn’t skate around the notorious attack on Nancy Kerrigan that became reality TV before there even was reality TV. But the film also offers a multifaceted look at Harding’s life that attempts to push beyond the tabloid headlines into darker, and darkly funny, terrain.

I, Tonya opens in theaters on Dec. 8.

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