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Allocator Interview Series Features Satori Capital, Crawford Lake Capital


SumZero, an online collaborative platform for investment professionals, recently published an interview with James Haddaway, chief investment officer and managing partner for Satori Capital’s alternatives investment platform and acceleration investment program. The interview, part of SumZero’s “Allocator” series of discussions with leaders in the institutional investment space, focused on Satori’s partnerships with emerging investment managers such as Crawford Lake Capital Management.

The article, titled “Hunting for Exceptional (Unknown) Fund Managers,” focuses on Satori’s practice of identifying early-stage or emerging investment managers that have the potential for exceptional long-term performance and significant growth. Crawford Lake Capital is recognized in the article as a prime example of a manager that achieved significant growth in assets under management (AUM) after entering a partnership with Satori. Mr. Haddaway states in the article:

“Our first acceleration investment, Crawford Lake, was with two guys with very non-traditional backgrounds – they just did not have the traditional pedigree at all. But we thought they were amazing investors and risk managers, and they had an exceptional track record. They were at $12 million in AUM when we invested, and now they’re at $900 million [Ed. note – now more than $1.1 billion], and they’ve built an institutional-quality business. So all stakeholders have done incredibly well on that one, and we never would have found them if we’d only been looking for the traditional background and only looking in New York.”

Satori’s XL Partnership Program forms strategic acceleration partnerships with emerging investment managers that typically have at least a three-year track record and less than $100 million of AUM. Satori seeks managers that have demonstrated an ability to generate compelling risk-adjusted returns with minimal drawdowns and that emphasize qualities such as a focus on risk management, a unique “edge” or investing style, and values alignment with Satori’s core principles.

Crawford Lake Capital embodied all of these characteristics at the time of Satori’s initial investment in April 2013: an established track record of approximately six years with an annualized net return of 14.1%, which included positive returns during downturns in 2008 and 2011, low AUM, a technical trading style, and a strong, values-oriented culture. More information about Crawford Lake Capital is available at www.crawfordlakecapital.com.

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About Satori Capital

Satori Capital is a Texas-based multi-strategy investment firm founded on the principles of conscious capitalism, a business approach that emphasizes creating extraordinary outcomes for all stakeholders. Satori’s private equity business partners with leadership teams of companies with $5 million to $25 million of EBITDA that operate with a long-term perspective, commit to their mission or purpose, and create value for all stakeholders. Satori’s alternatives investment platform, Satori Alpha, creates and manages customized portfolios designed to meet the unique objectives of institutions, family offices, and sophisticated private investors. Through its Satori XL Partnership Program, Satori partners with and accelerates managers such as Crawford Lake Capital that it believes are highly skilled at generating sustainable alpha and would benefit from Satori’s experience, relationships, and resources, all in support of building thriving and enduring businesses. For additional information, please visit www.satoricapital.com.

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