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Allowing Businesses to Build ICO's, MOBU Launches a Decentralized Platform for Security Tokens

SOUTH AFRICA / ACCESSWIRE / August 14, 2018 / In this digital era of cryptocurrencies, ICOs have become the most preferred way of fundraising structures for businesses and start-ups across the globe. Embracing the digital technology, businesses have already raised an unprecedented US$ 3.4 billion from 86 different ICOs during the first quarter of 2018 alone, disrupting the traditional investment ecosystem. Benefitting from the lower fundraising costs, ICOs have become a global phenomenon and an effective way for seed capital raising over IPO methods. However, while ICOs have gained significant traction from global investors, 98% of these ICOs have launched utility tokens.

As we stand at the brink, witnessing the start of a revolutionary technological aeon, the multi-trillion dollar securities market, still following the traditional IPO fund-raising approach, remains entirely untapped within the Blockchain space. While ICOs make attractive investments, launching a security token can become extremely challenging given the magnitude of technical, regulatory and legal requirements for issuing valid tokens to the investors. Further, with several legal restraints and changing scenario where every country has a different set of legal and procedural requirements, issuing a security token can become a daunting task.

Announcing the launch of MOBU, a decentralized organized ICO platform for issuing security tokens that facilitates the release of validated security tokens with relative ease. With MOBU, cryptocurrency developers will have the ability to launch security tokens while the MOBU platform helps them in steering through the technical requirements associated with launching such tokens. An innovative platform, MOBU offers KYC, AML and SEC approval, innovative escrow services to ICOs, bank support to investors when fiat is converted to crypto and smart contract development and facilitates all other processes needed by start-ups to raise funds.

MOBU, the next generation, user-friendly platform, expands the horizons of cryptocurrencies and in particular, security tokens, engineering an innovative way for institutional participants to invest in the blockchain space. The platform will provide an opportunity to non-tech individuals as well as companies to raise funds innovatively and exploit the trusted ICO funding approach to launch their own security tokens. As a self-regulating platform, MOBU bridges the gap between the securities marketplace and the blockchain based investment opportunities, unlocking a vast potential of generating new wealth creation avenues.

To facilitate the creation and issuance of security tokens, MOBU creates an abstract smart contract from which all security token ICOs can be extended. The abstract smart contract contains the code required by the respective ICO to conform to the MOBU ERC20 platform and MOB20 based MOBU tokens that will be used for creation and distribution of security tokens to the network participants. Such security standards will help build a network of trust and confidence and bring efficiency in the security token creation processes. The security tokens powered by the MOBU platform are programmed to verify the buyers and sellers of the token and restricting any unauthorized activity from the addresses that do not pass the required verifications. With such restrictions in place that create a highly secure environment to invest in such digital assets, MOBU builds a network where only authorized investors are allowed to engage in such decentralized marketplace leading to operational efficiency. Such efficient network has the potential to bring a new wave of cryptocurrencies that will allow businesses backed by real assets including the real estate sector as well as the VC funds to conduct their business operations with MOB20 compatible business tokens making the sectors ripe for disruption.

Engaging in such advanced digital technology that results in fewer administrative costs, coupled with multiple other benefits of transparency, efficient cross-border fundraising, rapid change of ownership, instantaneous transfers and seamless access to the marketplace throughout the day, MOBU creates a unique opportunity for businesses and companies to tokenize their funding operations. Fundamentally changing the security markets, MOBU enables an efficient and scalable ecosystem that while accessing the untapped securities marketplace will allow traditional companies to benefit from the blockchain ecosystem thereby tokenizing securities and enabling institutional as well as retail investors to easily access crypto marketplace by ushering an era of a new investment asset class.

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