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Alm. Brand - Award of share-based remuneration

4 December 2019
Announcement no. 78/2019

Alm. Brand Award of share-based remuneration

In accordance with the Alm. Brand Group’s remuneration policy and with the General guidelines regarding share-based remuneration, Alm. Brand A/S, effective from 1 July 2016, entered into an agreement with the Management Board and other members of the group’s management team (ABKO) under which up to 10% of the fixed salary may be allotted by way of shares.

Shares are awarded twice annually, on the third trading day of December and the third trading day of June.

The value of the awarded shares has been calculated as a simple average of the average price quoted for one share on the first trading day of each calendar month forming the basis of the award. A total of 51,823 shares representing a total average market value of DKK 2,915,561.98 have been awarded. The shares are freely negotiable instruments.

The agreement on share-based remuneration applies until 31 March 2020.

Please direct any questions regarding this announcement to Mikael Bo Larsen, Investor Relations Manager, on tel. +45 35 47 79 22.