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Almost Invisible Cat Litter wins Editor's Choice Award From Pet Products News International; G That's Awesome Brands, Inc. Reports Widespread Acceptance of Almost Invisible Cat Litter and High Rate of Repeat Orders

HENDERSON, NV / ACCESSWIRE / September 4, 2014 / G That's Awesome Brands, Inc., a manufacturer, marketer and distributor of superior-performing products, today announced Almost Invisible Cat Litter has won the prestigious "2014 Editor's Choice Award" in Pet Product News Internationals' highly competitive cat litter category. Pet Product News is believed to be the largest monthly news magazine for the pet industry and holds the Editor's Choice competition annually. G That's Awesome Brands also reported that Almost Invisible Cat Litter is gaining widespread acceptance among consumers, increasing sales and experiencing a high reorder rate.

"We previously said that Almost Invisible Cat Litter will quickly stand out as the most odor-free and longest lasting cat litter product on the market," said G That's Awesome Brands President Lori Lachenmeier, "and we were 100% correct. In addition to the recognition from the biggest pet product industry news magazine, we are getting accolades and praise from cat owning consumers that use our product every day. These consumers include cat show judges, cat rescue groups, cat shelters, pet event organizers, breeders, and veterinary behaviorists."

Ms. Lachenmeier added that the company is pleased with the growth rate of Almost Invisible Cat Litter and described the reorder rate as "very high." "After using Almost Invisible Cat Litter, it would be hard to switch back to a less effective product," theorized Lachenmeier.

According to Ms. Lachenmeier, "Almost Invisible Cat Litter is a uniquely formulated condensed silica gel. Our product is scoopable, virtually dust free and as non-tracking as it gets! The particles in Almost Invisible Cat Litter are inert and there are few health risks if consumed by humans or animals. Additionally, our litter granules are so super-absorbent, liquids do not easily seep to the bottom of the tray where bacteria will start to grow. Remarkably, we deliver this level of performance for close to $9.00 per cat per month, while the average person spends $14.33 per cat per month," said Lachenmeier.

G That's Awesome Brands, Inc. is a private, growth-oriented marketer and distributor of outstanding quality products with a focus on pet supplies and household cleaners. "G That’s Awesome Brands seeks to manufacture and distribute only superior-performing products. Our Company is interested in expanding the array of products we manufacture and distribute. Our sole requirement is that each product produces unparalleled results, prompting consumers to exclaim, "Gee! That’s Awesome!"

To purchase Almost Invisible Cat Litter, visit http://www.antiickypoo.com/AlmostInvisibleCatLitter-s/1819.htm. Additional product information is available at (661) 702-0201, www.AlmostInvisibleCatLitter.com and Sales@GAwesomeBrands.com. Our FaceBook page is https://www.facebook.com/AlmostInvisibleCatLitter or call.


Lori Lachenmeier
G That's Awesome Brands
(661) 702-0201