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Alternative Filmmaker & Author, J.T. Madicus, Launches New YouTube Channel, MedBuzzFeed

Content features an Avante-Garde take on today's trending news topics.

LOS ANGELES, July 1, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Each day we awake in our new world, deeply aspiring for positive news and grasping onto medical insight in the hopes that it can bring some optimism to our daily lives. Many of times; however, these critical discussions can be technical, dry, or exclusive. But now, they no longer have to be.

Actor, author, filmmaker, and medical activist, J.T. Madicus recently launched a new YouTube channel, MedBuzzFeed, to help make medical education and research interesting, engaging and enjoyable to all.

Designed as a weekly current affairs show boasting the tagline - Medical News with a Sense of Humor, the format takes cues from the late night television format popularized by Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, and John Oliver. Madicus is "assisted" by his alter ego, star of the popular YouTube channel of the same name - Future Doc House, as well as his millennial intern Jessicus. Recent subjects tackled at MedBuzzFeed include COVID-19 origin theories, Black Lives Matter, mosquito-borne diseases, a new Ebola outbreak, and other up-to-the-minute medical news and developments.

"I created MedBuzzFeed because it is more important than ever that our society has a solid comprehension of basic medicine and medical knowledge, especially those who are not involved in any professional health fields," explains J.T. Madicus. "Sometimes information of this kind goes over people's heads, but with the right delivery and humor, it can actually be both educational and entertaining! Part of my mission with my new channel is to put the joy back into health education."

QUPI, the world's largest medical question bank, is on board as a primary sponsor for MedBuzzFeed, and the channel builds upon the efforts of J.T. Madicus' recently released novel, Final Diagnosis: No Second Chances, the first in a five-book series. Later this year, the novel's adaptation to streaming series, No Second Chances will be released, which is set to further demystify the medical industry.


SOURCE MedBuzzFeed