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Alternative Lending Solutions With Mortgage Alliance

·3 min read

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / July 22, 2022 / With so many steps in the mortgage process, it must come as a surprise that the step borrowers often fail to pass is the first. Pre-approval is crucial for borrowers because it serves as proof of their ability to pay off the mortgage, and it's usually the first thing lenders will consider before offering a deal. The thing is, most local banks and financial institutions observe strict credit or income requirements, meaning anyone who doesn't pass their standards get turned down. With that in mind, is there an easier way to get pre-approved for the right mortgage?

The answer may or may not surprise you. Often overlooked in favor of traditional mortgage providers, Independent mortgage agencies specialize in providing custom strategies that work for any complex financing needs. They can offer borrowers a wider variety of lenders and financing options to suit their credit or income situation, along with a sped-up process and unbiased professional advice. So, if you need help getting pre-approval, we know the agency that can help.

Mortgage Alliance, Friday, July 22, 2022, Press release picture
Mortgage Alliance, Friday, July 22, 2022, Press release picture

Mortgage Alliance is practically a household name in Canada, being one of the country's most established premier mortgage agencies. Apart from the usual mortgage services, Mortgage Alliance also offers a variety of private lending solutions, thanks to its strong relationships with a wide array of lending partners. This variety in lender contacts allows Mortgage Alliance to take a comprehensive and bespoke approach toward solving their clients' mortgage or financial issues. The secret, according to Mortgage Alliance agent Sofia Badruddin, lies in "Understanding their unique needs and goals before connecting them to an alternative or private lender offering rates and terms that suit them best."

Private lenders don't have the same strict lending requirements as traditional prime lenders, so borrowers stand a much better chance of qualifying. This solves certain pain points that most borrowers face; as Sofia describes, "Many of our clients are unable to manage finances, facing rising rates, and struggling with credit card or other outside debts. They cannot get approved for a mortgage through traditional channels like banks because of their problems." Hence, Mortgage Alliance's private mortgage solutions provide borrowers with less-than-stellar credit or unusual income with an avenue for easy pre-approval.

Mortgage Alliance covers all mortgage services under the sun, from purchases and refinance, to equity takeouts and renewals. Its simple objective is to improve clients' overall financial health and help them attain financial relief. This is precisely what sets Mortgage Alliance's services apart from its competition. "As Mortgage Alliance professionals, our knowledge and experiences enable us to help our clients make more knowledgeable decisions. At the end of the day, we just want our clients to better manage their finances and reach their financial goals." Sofia explained.

To top all that off, Mortgage Alliance maintains a professional promise of client satisfaction no matter the mortgage service. "The client always comes first. We work for them, not the banks, so we strive to always deliver the best possible service with as fast and seamless a process as possible. Our clients can trust us to do all the grunt work involved, and not skimp on results."

Pre-approval doesn't need to be an insurmountable obstacle between you and your mortgage. Even more so, financial struggles can be overcome with the right help and guidance. To get a hold of your own custom private financing solution that improves your overall financial health, connect with Canada's most trusted mortgage agency, Mortgage Alliance.


Mortgage Alliance


About Mortgage Alliance:

Mortgage Alliance is one of Canada's most trusted and well-established mortgage companies. They offer all mortgage services, from purchases and refinance to renewals and debt consolidation.

SOURCE: Mortgage Alliance

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