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Alternet Systems Introduces Consumer Finance Concept Seeking Shareholder Input

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / July 10, 2018 / Alternet Systems, Inc. (OTC PINK: ALYI) today released a letter from management to update shareholders on the latest developments with the company's ReVolt Electric Motorcycle subsidiary and other ongoing business initiatives to commercialize evolutionary battery technologies. In relation to the company's overall clean and sustainable energy focus, management is also seeking shareholder feedback on a concept consumer finance strategy to offer electric vehicle buyers purchase financing and leasing options. The proposed concept consumer finance strategy would potentially leverage cryptocurrency to fund and democratize the purchase financing and lease capacity. The letter from management is included in its entirety below:

Dear Shareholders -

Just before the 4th of July we announced receiving our pilot production motorcycles. If you've been following Alternet Systems for a while you know about our subsidiary ReVolt Electric Motorbikes. We have a comprehensive production plan for a line of electric motorcycles and electric bikes starting with the maiden rollout of a retro designed WWII era motorcycle with sidecar. The classic design is intended to be fun and clean energy powered with a proprietary lithium battery. We're ahead of schedule and on track to take orders for this year's holiday season. Herein we'll provide you with the latest details on our evolving strategy for ReVolt and how it fits into our overall strategy to implement a variety of clean energy solutions. Our overall strategy includes an inventive sales and marketing plan to make the motorcycles available to range of consumers. Our inventive sales and market strategy includes a consumer finance component to help buyers purchase and lease electric vehicles. We expect our inventive sales and marketing strategy to be applicable to additional clean energy products we intend to develop in the future. We have recently been approached by an investment group proposing a cryptocurrency solution to empower our consumer finance initiative. We address the proposed cryptocurrency solution in this letter and we want to hear back from you about the idea.

Alternet Systems initiated its entry into the clean energy sector with a portfolio of inhouse lithium battery technologies. Our approach to expanding our clean energy portfolio is evolving. We are exploring clean energy solutions outside just lithium battery technologies and we are shifting our previous approach from just inhouse technologies to include technologies we commercialize through partnership. We have found the optimal path to commercializing the best clean energy solutions involves the integration of numerous technologies and we believe a strategy that only includes inhouse technologies can be limiting. By expanding our approach to include the integration of technologies acquired through partnership agreements we can improve upon the potential of the end product.

Our core competency is the commercialization of an end product and the marketing of that end product. Our leading focus today is on electric motorcycles and electric bikes. We are integrating the vehicle mechanics with a lithium battery powered motor. We have accessed a motorcycle frame that includes components from a number of manufacturers and we are piloting an electric powerplant that will include components from a number of manufacturers. By expanding our reach to include components from partners, rather than just inhouse technologies, we improve our speed to market and the quality of the end product. As our pilot phase continues, shareholders can look forward to more details on the final selected components integrated into the end product.

Alternet Systems has previously published information pertaining to additional clean energy powered products. In addition to the current focus on electric motorcycles and electric bikes, Alternet has also maintained development efforts to produce clean energy powered products for the defense sector. The expanded partnership approach detailed here in regard to the ReVolt developments is also being applied to the ongoing defense sector efforts.

Concept Cryptocurrency To Back Electric Vehicle Purchase Financing And Leasing

To support the sales of electric motorcycles and eclectic bikes, management has been working on a consumer finance solution to provide buyers with purchase financing and leasing products. In the course of our business development efforts, we have been approached by an investment group proposing the introduction of a cryptocurrency that would permit individual investors to back the purchase financing and leasing products. The concept is for the sale of a cryptocurrency to source funds that would be used to finance the purchase or lease of our electric vehicles. In so doing, the ownership of such a cryptocurrency would represent a percentage of ownership in the portfolio of loans and leases secured by electric vehicles. The concept includes a registration of the cryptocurrency in advance of any sales of the cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency market appears to provide early stage companies with a promising path to rapidly finance new enterprises. Cryptocurrencies also have an appealing democratic characteristic inherent within the nature of the universally open architecture of a cryptocurrency offering. The technology is open, and the offering is open to anyone with an internet connection. At the same time, cryptocurrencies are a subject of considerable controversy. Accordingly, and in the spirit of the democratic nature of cryptocurrency, we are seeking feedback from shareholders. Do you think this concept is a good idea? Do you have your own cryptocurrency experiences to share? Please let us know what you think by following this link on our website:


We'll follow up with an email to all respondents summarizing the feedback we receive.

Thank you,

Randell Torno


Alternet Systems

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