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Altiscale and InnovAccer Announce Strategic Partnership for Industry-Targeted Big Data Solutions

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - Aug 11, 2015) - Altiscale, Inc., the leading provider of Big Data-as-a-Service, and InnovAccer, Inc., a leading provider of data science applications, today announced a strategic partnership to quickly bring targeted, analytical applications to healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, and academic research organizations.

With the recent explosion in data sources and data volumes, it is generally recognized that only a small fraction of data that's produced today is actually being analyzed to drive business forward. This challenge is twofold; first, companies need to rapidly develop the big data infrastructure needed to store, manage, and process all of this information. Secondly, companies need analytical applications that can deliver actionable insights relevant to their business. By joining forces, Altiscale and InnovAccer seek to address both of these issues, helping businesses find insights that drive business forward.

Datashop, the core technology behind all InnovAccer solutions, enables fast, cost-effective data integration, provides a library of analytical algorithms, and produces dynamic visualizations that are compatible with existing BI tools. Datashop was developed with the backing of researchers from MIT, Harvard, and Stanford, and has been tested against data sets such as 700,000 flight safety documents, thousands of hours of quarterly earnings calls, and large volumes of patient health data.

InnovAccer offers multiple solutions built on the Datashop platform. For healthcare companies, Datashop Care provides a unified view of patients, helping to deliver improved, targeted care. For financial services companies, Datashop Alchemy provides macro-level visibility into the risks of economic markets. For manufacturing companies and others relying on the Internet of Things (IoT), Datashop Synapse provides real-time and batch analysis of device data streams. With the Datashop Research Cloud, InnovAccer provides a vast library of research-ready datasets, so that researchers can rely upon high veracity data in their analyses.

"InnovAccer has quickly established its expertise in delivering analytical applications for industries like healthcare, manufacturing, and financial services," said Raymie Stata, CEO, Altiscale. "Industries like these are facing a new big data challenge, with vast amounts of information waiting to be tapped to help improve care delivery and pharmaceutical development, streamline manufacturing operations, or to manage financial services risk. We are looking forward to working closely together to deliver applications that help these industries get rapid insight from their data."

Altiscale provides the Altiscale Data Cloud, a Big Data-as-a-Service solution that provides an Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark-based ecosystem in the cloud. Fully optimized for high performance, the Altiscale Data Cloud offers scalable, secure processing and analytics at a massive scale. The Altiscale Data Cloud is highly secure, and is the only cloud solution offering automatic Kerberos authentication to new customers. The solution is SOC2 certified and HIPAA compliant, meeting the needs of security conscious financial services and healthcare firms. Also, as a fully managed cloud service, Altiscale automatically provides all customers with ongoing Hadoop operations, eliminating one of the largest challenges to getting started and being successful with Hadoop: finding and keeping the experts to keep it running. Together, InnovAccer and Altiscale provide a single solution set that helps customers go from data to decisions quickly.

"Through this strategic partnership, InnovAccer and Altiscale provide full-spectrum big data solutions, from quickly being successful with Hadoop and Spark in the cloud, all the way to specific, state-of-the-art applications that address challenging business issues," said Abhinav Shashank, CEO, InnovAccer. "We are giving customers access to the technologies, solutions, portfolio services, and engineering support needed to innovate in today's data-driven environment."

About InnovAccer
InnovAccer enables organizations to use data as a source of innovation. InnovAccer's Datashop platform provides a fast, cost-effective manner to develop data solutions and analytics products that help companies accelerate innovation. InnovAccer's solutions have been deployed across 15 countries at academic institutions, governmental organizations, and several corporate enterprises. Investors include Dave McClure (500 Startups), Rajan Anandan (Google), and Vinay Menon (JP Morgan). For more information, please visit innovaccer.com or follow us on Twitter @innoweet

About Altiscale
The Altiscale Data Cloud was created to provide organizations access to the only infrastructure "purpose-built" for Hadoop, as well as the operational expertise needed to execute complex Hadoop projects. By monitoring both the infrastructure and jobs, Altiscale provides unparalleled levels of service for its customers. Founded in 2012, the Altiscale team has been on the forefront of Apache Hadoop -- from its incubation at Yahoo! to operating more than 40,000 Hadoop nodes. As a company that understands the transformative power of this technology and its challenges, no other organization is better positioned to deliver reliable and scalable Apache Hadoop. Investors include Accel Partners, General Catalyst, Northgate, and Sequoia Capital. For more information, please visit altiscale.com or follow us on Twitter @Altiscale.