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ALTR Created Diamonds Announces Expansion Of Global Headquarters In New York City

The Leader in Created Diamonds Commits to Enlarging Real Estate Foothold and Increased Hiring in Manhattan's Busy Diamond Center of Manhattan

NEW YORK, Oct. 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- R. A. Riam Group's provocative and exciting new venture ALTR Created Diamonds announces a new milestone in its international expansion by doubling its New York City headquarters. ALTR Created Diamonds has expanded globally in 20 countries, including the United States, the European Union, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, China, India, Canada, Thailand, South Korea, Israel, and South Africa.

Led by president, Amish Shah, a third-generation diamond and jewellery manufacturer, ALTR Created Diamonds has captured the imagination of the modern consumer like never before with its larger, authentic Type IIA quality diamonds. In addition to expanding its headquarters in the U.S., ALTR Created Diamonds has recently opened satellite offices in South Korea and Australia to support its rapidly growing distribution in those regions.

"At a time when so many companies are leaving New York City we are excited to be committing to doubling our office space, said Shah. "Maintaining our presence and expanding our footprint by thousands of square feet is quite a milestone. Our continued expansion demonstrates our companies continued growth and desire to be in the world's best city for business and to retain smart, talented employees."

In addition, to increasing its office space, ALTR Created Diamonds has encouraged a significant hiring increase. Many new staff members have been added to the Manhattan location's offices to facilitate in the company's strategic expansion.

"ALTR remains dedicated to its current employees and to hiring new staff to facilitate our strategic expansion. The growth in popularity of ALTR Created Diamonds is fuelling our success and we are thrilled to offer more jobs at our global headquarters."

ALTR Created Diamonds utilize proprietary technology to replicate the conditions whereby diamonds form in nature. All ALTR Created Diamonds are certified Type IIA diamonds that are identical to chemical, optical and physical composition as the world's finest mined diamonds. Because ALTR is vertically aligned, it is the only Created Diamond house with the supporting infrastructure not only to grow, cut and polish its supply of Type IIA Created Diamonds, but also design, manufacture and distribute fine Created Diamond jewellery. ALTR Created Diamonds carry certification from Gem Certification and Assurance Lab (GCAL).

With an extensive design archive and more than 22 exclusive, patented diamond cuts, ALTR Created Diamonds offers a full line of rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings sold under the ALTR brand name. For more information on the ALTR Created Diamonds, please visit www.ALTR.NYC.

About ALTR Created Diamonds
ALTR Created Diamonds are branded lab-grown diamonds created exclusively by RIAM Group. ALTR is solely devoted to creating high-quality diamonds and stunning jewellery designed around these diamonds. The ownership of the parent company RIAM Group has 75 years of experience in the mined diamond industry. RIAM Group has the background and knowledge to bring vertical and integrated manufacturing of Created Diamonds and jewellery made from those diamonds to an international market. RIAM Group is the only fully vertical manufacturer of both mined diamond jewellery and Created Diamond jewellery. The ALTR division of the group manufactures only Created Diamond jewellery.

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