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Alzheimer's Disease Market Set To Witness Spells of Growth in the 7MM By 2030, Foresees DelveInsight

·11 min read

The expansion of the Alzheimer's Disease market can be attributed to an increase in prevalence, and recognition and acceptance of biomarkers driven approval like Aducanumab, entry and readily adoptions of curative treatment options, and more visibility on the pathophysiology of indication which will drive the extensive researches.

LAS VEGAS, June 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- DelveInsight's Alzheimer's Disease Market report offers detailed information on current treatment practices, emerging drugs, Alzheimer's Disease market share of the individual therapies, current and forecasted Alzheimer's Disease market size from 2018 to 2030 segmented into 7MM (the USA, EU5 (the UK, Italy, Spain, France, and Germany), and Japan).


Key highlights from the Alzheimer's Disease Market report:

  • Recent findings suggest that more than 6 million Americans are currently living with the disease. 6 Out of these, around 70-75% of patients are aged 75 or older.

  • Alzheimer's Disease is the 6th leading cause of death in the US. Every 1 in 3 seniors dies with Alzheimer's or another dementia and it kills more than breast cancer and prostate cancer combined

  • Current therapies are only providing symptomatic relief and do not address the root cause of the disease and thus huge unmet needs exist in this area. And this is the main reason that we have witnessed numerous pharma companies who are evaluating the role of their assets in the treatment of Alzheimer's Disease.

  • Key pharma companies actively pushing the pace of drug development in the Alzheimer's Disease market include Eisai, Biogen, Changchun Huayang High-tech Co. Ltd., Hoffmann-La Roche, vTv Therapeutics, AZTherapies, Cerecin, Neurotrope, Lyndra, AC Immune, INmune Bio, Cassava Sciences, EIP Pharma, Neuraly, AB Science, Cortexyme, Anavex Life Sciences, Athira Pharma, Time Therapeutics, Prilenia Therapeutics, Denali Therapeutics Inc., and many others.

  • The only therapy approved to treat the actual cause of Alzheimer's Disease at the moment is Biogen's Aducanumab, which as per the results from the trial EMERGE and ENGAGE managed to improve cognition and decrease the production of beta-amyloid proteins in the brain.

  • The FDA's approval of Aducanumab could also be a positive sign for Biogen's rival Eli Lilly, which also has its own upcoming asset Donanemab. Similar to Aducanumab, this drug is also a monoclonal antibody targeting amyloid plaques.

  • The FDA-approved treatments include symptomatic options- cholinesterase inhibitors (Aricept, Exelon, Razadyne) and Memantine (Namenda).

  • As per Alzheimer's Disease pipeline analysis, there are currently 150+ companies and 150+ pipeline drugs depicting a pretty fertile picture of the market in the cooking years.

  • Some of the promising Alzheimer's Disease pipeline therapies include Lecanemab, Tricaprilin, Gantenerumab, Brexpiprazole, AL002, ALZT-OP1, Brilaroxazine, BIIB076, and others. These drugs belong to different classes such as Monoclonal Antibody, Peptides, Polymer, Small molecule, and Gene therapy.

  • The present Alzheimer's Disease market has no disease-modifying therapy and there is only a limited therapeutic option to provide symptomatic relief. This creates a significant opportunity for the pharma players in the Alzheimer's Disease market.

  • DelveInsight's analysts estimate that the Alzheimer's Disease market growth is set to face a backlash owing to a lack of diagnostic techniques. There is no conclusive blood examination, brain scan, or physical exam that can effectively diagnose Alzheimer's disease.

Download report to understand which drug is going to nab the maximum market share @ Alzheimer's Disease Market Analysis and Forecast

Alzheimer's Disease: Overview

Alzheimer's Disease is a debilitating neurological disorder that progressively mars the memory and cognitive flexibility and functioning of the brain. The patients find it difficult to perform daily routine things such as driving a car, preparing a meal, paying bills, or memorizing things. Alzheimer's Disease is the most common cause of dementia, accounting for 60-80% of dementia cases.

Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis

No single test is there for Alzheimer's Disease for early and accurate diagnosis of dementia due to Alzheimer's Disease. Physicians often with the help of specialists such as neurologists, neuropsychologists, geriatricians, and geriatric psychiatrists use a variety of approaches and tools to help make a diagnosis. And this is the main reason that there is great interest in identifying standard AD biomarkers such as amyloid and tau in the blood because of the relative ease of access and patient comfort.

In July 2020, UCB announced an agreement to enter into a worldwide, exclusive license agreement with Roche and Genentech (for UCb0107) to test the potential for an effective anti-Tau antibody in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's Disease and progressive supranuclear palsy.

The first diagnostic imaging agent that identifies AD-associated tau pathology may be available soon. The FDA is considering approval of flortaucipir, a PET scanning tracer that binds with tau tangles. In a phase 3 postmortem validation study, it had a sensitivity of 92% to 100% and specificity of 52% to 92% for predicting tau pathology.

Other than this Roche has multiple candidates that are being investigated and other key players such as Biogen, Pfizer, etc. are also working in the Alzheimer's Disease market.

Alzheimer's Disease Epidemiology

Alzheimer's Disease epidemiology analysis projects a higher female prevalence. Of the 6.2 million people aged 65 and older with Alzheimer's in the United States, 3.8 million are women and 2.4 million are men. (Alzheimer's Association (2021)).

There are far more cases diagnosed in Europe and North America than in Asia. In Japan, the incidence of the disease appears to have increased in step with an increase in meat consumption and a decrease in rice consumption

Alzheimer's Disease Market Insights Report offers historical as well as forecasted epidemiological analysis during the study period 2018-30 in the 7MM segmented into:

  • Total prevalent cases of Alzheimer's Disease

  • Total diagnosed prevalent cases of Alzheimer's Disease

  • Total age-specific diagnosed prevalent cases of Alzheimer's Disease

  • Total gender-specific diagnosed prevalent cases of Alzheimer's Disease

  • Total severity-specific diagnosed prevalent cases of Alzheimer's Disease

  • Total treated cases of Alzheimer's Disease

Visit for deep insights into Alzheimer's Disease patient pool @ Alzheimer's Disease Epidemiology

Alzheimer's Disease Therapy Market

Alzheimer's Disease is a complex neurological issue and most of the available medications are effective in patients who are in the early to mid-stages of Alzheimer's Disease. The available approaches only help in managing behavioral symptoms and slow down the pace of memory loss.

The US FDA recommends the use of Cholinesterase inhibitors (Aricept, Exelon, Razadyne) and Memantine (Namenda) to alleviate symptoms. Exelon (Rivastigmine), and Razadyne (Galantamine) are used to treat mild-to-moderate Alzheimer's., while Aricept (Donepezil) can be used in all stages of Alzheimer Disease. Talking about Partial N-Methyl D-aspartate (NMDA) antagonists, such as Memantine (Namenda), are used to treat moderate-to-severe Alzheimer's. The FDA has also approved Namzaric, the first and only once-a-day treatment that again helps to fight symptoms. However, these drugs do not change the underlying disease process. They are effective for some but not all people, and may help only for a limited time.

Visit to know more about Alzheimer's Disease Therapies, Treatments, and Approaches

Alzheimer's Disease Market

DelveInsight's Alzheimer's Disease market analysis projects a rich pipeline consisting of promising emerging drug therapies. With a horde of companies including Eisai/ BioArctic AB, Biogen, Otsuka Pharmaceutical, Hoffmann-La Roche/Chugai Pharmaceuticals, Alector, AbbVie, Reviva Pharmaceutical, AZ Therapies, Cerecin, Anavex Life Sciences Corp., Neurimmune, and others advancing the R&D, and developing innovative medicines, thereby, adding to the growth of Alzheimer's Disease market size.

Recently, the FDA approved Aducanumab (branded as Aduhelm) to treat patients with Alzheimer's Disease using the Accelerated Approval pathway. Even none of the members on the FDA's advisory committee voted in favor of aducanumab, still, the agency has given the go-ahead for this drug. One of the reasons this drug is in limelight is that it is the first novel therapy approved for Alzheimer's Disease since 2003 which is directed at the underlying pathophysiology of Alzheimer's Disease. However, still, this drug usage is debatable and if Aducanumab works, it would be the first drug that actually slows down the progression of Alzheimer's. That indicates that medical professionals could now possibly turn Alzheimer's from a fatal disease into one that people could live with for many years, in the same way that people are living with cancer, diabetes, and HIV/AIDS. And also payers may hesitate in providing access due to its lofty price tag and may erect barriers that could limit reimbursement

Check out for more @ Alzheimer's Disease Market Forecast

Key Alzheimer's Disease Pipeline Therapies and Companies

  • Lecanemab (BAN2401): Eisai/ BioArctic AB (Sweden)

  • Tricaprilin: Cerecin

  • Aducanumab (BIIB037): Biogen

  • Gantenerumab (RG1450, RO4909832): Chugai Pharmaceuticals (Hoffmann-La Roche)

  • Brexpiprazole (REXULTI / RXULTI): Otsuka Pharmaceutical

  • AL002: Alector

  • ALZT-OP1: AZ Therapies

  • Brilaroxazine (RP5063): Reviva Pharmaceuticals

  • BIIB076: Neurimmune

Reach out to us @ Alzheimer's Disease Pipeline Therapies for more information on available treatment regimens

Alzheimer's Disease Market Drivers and Barriers

An increase in the prevalence of Alzheimer's Disease, demographic dividend, recognition and acceptance of biomarkers, and a lack of standard effective therapy continue to attract pharma and biotech companies in the Alzheimer's Disease market, which will give a major push to the market growth. However, a delay in diagnosis owing to a lack of proper diagnostics methodologies as well as a high rate of drug failures in the late-stage of development are expected to drag the growth down. Drug therapy that changes the progression of the disease is the greatest unmet need of patients with Alzheimer's Disease. Many drugs have failed in late-stage Alzheimer's Disease clinical trials, which calls for more focus should be given to biomarker-driven drug development.

Learn what factors are expected to impinge the market growth @ Alzheimer's Disease Market Drivers and Barriers

Scope of the Report

Coverage: 7MM (the US, EU5, and Japan)

Study Period: 2018-30

Key Companies: Eisai/ BioArctic AB, Biogen, Otsuka Pharmaceutical, Hoffmann-La Roche/Chugai Pharmaceuticals, Alector, AbbVie, Reviva Pharmaceutical, AZ Therapies, Cerecin, Anavex Life Sciences Corp., Neurimmune, and others.

Key Alzheimer's Disease Pipeline Therapies: Lecanemab, Tricaprilin, Aducanumab, Gantenerumab, Brexpiprazole, AL002, ALZT-OP1, Brilaroxazine, BIIB076, and others.

Alzheimer's Disease Market Segmentation: By Geography, By Alzheimer's Disease Therapies

Analysis: Comparative and conjoint analysis of Alzheimer's Disease emerging therapies

Tools used: SWOT analysis, Conjoint Analysis, Porter's Five Forces, PESTLE analysis, BCG Matrix analysis methods.

Case Studies

KOL's Views

Analyst's Views

Drop by to learn more about the future market trends @ Alzheimer's Disease Market Landscape and Forecast

Table of Contents


Key Insights


Alzheimer's Disease Market Report Introduction


Alzheimer's Disease Market Overview at a Glance


Executive Summary of Alzheimer's Disease


Disease Background and Overview


Algorithm for Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease


Patient Journey


Alzheimer's Disease Epidemiology and Patient Population


Treatment Algorithm, Current Treatment, and Medical Practices


Alzheimer's Disease Epidemiology and Patient Population


Country Wise Epidemiology of Alzheimer's Disease


Alzheimer's Disease Treatment


Unmet Needs


Key Endpoints of Alzheimer's Disease Treatment


Alzheimer's Disease Emerging Therapies


Alzheimer's Disease: 7 Major Market Analysis


Alzheimer's Disease Market Unmet Needs


Case Reports


Alzheimer's Disease Market Drivers


Alzheimer's Disease Market Barriers


SWOT Analysis


KOL Reviews




DelveInsight Capabilities




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