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Amarin: FDA hasn't made determination on regulatory exclusivity for Vascepa

As previously disclosed, in each of mid-August and mid-September, the FDA communicated to Amarin that it had not yet made a determination with respect to Amarin’s pending request for five-year, new chemical entity exclusivity for Vascepa, and the cumulative supplements to the Orange Book published shortly thereafter, respectively, did not include an entry with respect to the regulatory exclusivity of Vascepa.Based on information available to Amarin, the FDA has not yet made a determination with respect to regulatory exclusivity for Vascepa. In mid-October, the FDA is expected to publish the September 2012 cumulative supplement to the Orange Book. In recent months, Amarin has repeatedly followed up with the FDA seeking a determination. While Amarin continues to believe its arguments in support of an NCE determination for Vascepa are strong, the FDA may not agree with Amarin’s arguments. Based on Amarin’s dialogue with the FDA, Amarin does not know what determination the FDA will make on the pending Vascepa exclusivity request or when the FDA will make such determination. If Vascepa is not awarded five-year marketing exclusivity, Amarin expects it will be awarded three-year marketing exclusivity. Amarin continues to anticipate commercial launch of Vascepa in the first quarter of 2013, and continues to consider three potential paths for the marketing and sale of the product: an acquisition of Amarin, a strategic collaboration, or self-commercialization, the latter of which could include third-party support.