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Amazon Appstore sponsors NRG eSports

The Amazon Appstore has sponsored NRG eSports. (NRG)

Esports organization NRG eSports has picked up a new sponsor, and it is none other than Amazon Appstore. In a world where the majority of esports sponsorships still come from endemics, it’s interesting to see more mainstream brands step into the market.

The sponsorship announcement specifically mentions NRG eSports’ Hearthstone and Vainglory teams, which makes sense, given both these games have a large mobile-centric player base.

The news also marks Amazon’s first ever sponsorship of an esports team.

NRG also has teams in other games, including CS:GO, Rocket League, and Smite.

The organization is not the first to have picked up a major sponsor from outside of the usual scope of gaming or technology-oriented brands. Earlier this year, CS:GO team Astralis picked up car company Audi as a sponsor. French esports organization Team Vitality also signed on with popular sports-apparel maker Adidas in January this year.