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Amazon bets on social media influencers to sell fashion

Tech giant Amazon (AMZN) wants to be fashion forward and it is turning to social media influencers for help.

Amazon recently launched The Drop, a new shopping experience that will give consumers 30 hours to shop for designs created by social media influencers. Paola Alberdi, who is founder and creative director of Black Itinerary has collaborated with Amazon for The Drop’s debut. Alberdi got a chance to sit down with Yahoo Finance’s On the Move to discuss her role and her background in fashion and blogging.

Launched in May, Alberdi said that The Drop is doing very well so far. “We got amazing customer feedback,” she said, adding that one of her collections, the Boxy Sleeve Tee, is going to be one of The Drop’s regular items for sale, not just for 30 hours.

So how does The Drop work?

Users can shop on The Drop by using their phones. Influencers from around the world sell their collections for a 30-hour time period. After a consumer orders an item, that piece is made on-demand and delivered within a few weeks. Users can sign up for text alerts to be kept up to date on what collection will be sold next. Fashion trends are also highlighted on the site.

Although Alberdi is Amazon The Drop’s main collaborator, influencers that have over 1 million followers are closely involved on the site as well. Some notable names include Emi Suzuki, Sierra Furtado, Leonie Hanne and Patricia Bright.

Influencer Paolo Alberdi collaborates with Amazon to launch "The Drop".

“My love for fashion started at a very young age. I come from a Mexican background and in Mexico, women love to dress up. So, I grew up with that. It was kind of like a hobby,” Alberdi explained, adding that social media has influenced her to push her brand and start a career in fashion. Alberdi created Blank Itinerary five years ago.

“In 2009, it was like the first round of influencers. I started following them. I love what they were doing and they inspired me to start my own [brand],” she said.

With the launch of Amazon’s The Drop and as social media plays a regular role in the fashion business, many question if influencers will remain at the forefront of fashion. When asked, Alberdi responded without a doubt.

“The way I see it I think that this is the beginning of something long term,” she said.” Because I see all the brands that are investing in us because our audience feels so close to us, we’re sharing our life on a daily basis. They just feel that they’re more in relation to us than maybe on a magazine.”

Ralston Ramsay is a producer for Yahoo Finance.

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