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After A Brief Outage Amazon.com Is Back

Kevin Smith

Update: As of 3:30 p.m. EST Amazon.com is back.

At approximately 3 p.m. this afternoon Amazon.com was unreachable.

IsItDownRightNow says Amazon's servers are now reachable.

The interruption seemed to be isolated to just Amazon.com's main page, not the company's international sites. We were still able to reach the Amazon.ca site.

Here are some tweets, which confirmed the brief outtage:

@amazon getting an Http/1.1 Service Unavailable.What's up?

— Bryn Joe (@brynjoseph) January 31, 2013

@amazon is down. Nerds everywhere are freaking out.

— melrom (@melrom) January 31, 2013

Wow. Amazon.com is down, while the market is still open. Stock drop in 3...2...1..

— Lemu (@thashadow) January 31, 2013

In other news, with Amazon being down, the apocalypse is nigh.

— Nelo (@fakecare) January 31, 2013

For some reasons, Amazon.com webpage does not open. Is it hacked? #amazon.com

— MJ Kim(@nototter) January 31, 2013

I wonder how much money @amazon loses every minute that their site is down?amazon.com

— Mike Cao (@MikeCao) January 31, 2013

And Now Amazon.com's Homepage Isn't Working Either: It's mostly a front-door issue for now: Many users have noticed…

— BethB (@BBthy) January 31, 2013

#amazon.com is down! Ohh no can't order toilet papers! Could use a better error page than Http/1.1 Service Unavailable!

— Satheesh Kumar (@sathify) January 31, 2013

First @twitter was down. Then @thestreet. Now Amazon.com is down. Mysterious.

— Rocco Pendola (@Rocco_TheStreet) January 31, 2013

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