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Amazon dumps AI tool, Burger King’s latest deal, McDonald's franchisees meet

Here’s a look at some of the companies the Yahoo Finance team will be watching for you today.

Amazon is reportedly dumping a secret recruiting tool, that unintentionally discriminated against women, according to Reuters. The AI tool was designed to screen resumes, rating the best candidates from 1 to 5, but because there are more men in tech jobs, it taught itself to prefer male resumes over those from women. No comment from Amazon.

The Home of the Whopper might become King of the Nugget! Starting today, select Burger King stores will begin selling 10-piece chicken nuggets for $1. Burger King is also partnering with Postmates to deliver a free 100 piece chicken nugget meal for $10. This comes as CEO Daniel Schwartz also has plans to open more Burger King restaurants across the US.

McDonald’s is getting some heat from its franchisees. The Wall Street Journal says a group of restaurant owners are meeting today to talk about working together, to push for changes. That includes battling growing costs to remodel restaurants, and shrinking cash flow. McDonald’s says it welcomes the dialogue.

ExxonMobil is putting up a million bucks, to battle climate change. The oil giant was once one of the biggest skeptics of global warming, but now it’s committing $1M, to promote a national carbon tax. The company says a uniform cost for all companies, is the best way to manage the risk and bring down emissions.

Netflix is taking a bite out of Apple’s billion dollar investment in streaming content. Netflix Chief content officer Ted Sarandos told an industry summit in Los Angeles that he has no idea what Apple has planned. He doesn’t even know if the people producing the shows for Apple have any idea. Sarandos added that Netflix doesn’t put much focus on any competitor.