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Amazon offers to help employees start delivery business

Joseph Pisani, AP Retail Writer
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    Fark It
    Unless you Really Really know how to run this type of operation don't get involved . . If it was a good idea Amazon wouldn't source it out to other sub-contractors . .
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    Whenever a corporation makes an offer or any kind of change from the status quo, an alarm should go off. Corporations ONLY make changes for THEIR benefit, never the employees. Don't ever believe otherwise!
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    Yea, they'll help you start up that new business. They'll also leave you hanging when you can't keep up with "their"promises. Remember this is a company that tracks their employees and won't give them potty breaks.
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    King Steven 18
    God forbid that people might continue to wait two days for their item.
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    What, me worry?
    It's a good thing Amazon doesn't have to pay any taxes so that they can afford something like this.
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    I own a business which is heavily delivery based. Wait till they find out what commercial insurance costs. Wear and tear on vehicle. New tires every year. Brakes. Good luck. It’s not as easy as it looks. Wait till the first accident, even if not your fault.
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    Archer City
    So a program started a year ago cant get enough people to sign up, so they want to pay people to take them up on their offer? be wary
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    Sam H.
    "Since then, it has grown to 120 employees with a fleet of 50 vans that can handle up to 200 delivery stops in a day." Something doesn't add up there!
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    Anyone want to bet that the 10,000 Bezo's is offering to "start you own business" is tax deductible and another example of corporate welfare? I mean it would be if Amazon paid taxes.
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    Next they'll be asking the employee to "drop off this package for me on your way home".