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Top Amazon exec tasked with integrating Whole Foods leaves company for Airbnb

Krystal Hu

Greg Greeley, head of Amazon’s Prime program, has left the company after 18 years to join Airbnb. Greg Greeley is named President of Homes to oversee Airbnb’s core business, according to a blog post from Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky on Tuesday.

“It has been an amazing and inspirational experience, but the time has come for me take on a different challenge,” Greeley wrote on LinkedIn.

This news comes just weeks after Greeley took on more responsibilities with Whole Foods, which Amazon acquired in 2017. “We are working with the team at Whole Foods Market to deliver tremendous value for Prime members at Whole Foods Market and Greg will be facilitating that effort, among other things,” an Amazon spokesperson told Yahoo Finance in an email in late February.

“We thank Greg for his contributions to Amazon and wish him the best in his new role,” an Amazon spokesperson said in an email statement.

Greeley did not say what he would be doing after leaving Amazon (AMZN). Below is his note.

Greg Greeley

Yahoo Finance previously reported that there has been some friction between the Amazon and Whole Foods as the two companies work to integrate. At issue has been the potential expansion of consumer brands Whole Foods could offer. There’s no indication that Greeley’s departure was related to this.

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