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Amazon Rushes to Restock Woodward’s ‘Fear’ After Sales Boom

Gerald Len Porter
The newly released book "Fear" by Bob Woodward is displayed at Book Passage on September 11, 2018 in Corte Madera, California. Photographer: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images North America

Amazon.com Inc. said it is working to restock shipments and fulfill orders for Bob Woodward’s “Fear” after the book sold out shortly after its Tuesday release.

Company officials said the title, which details a chaotic Trump administration in which staffers undermine the president, will be available through Kindle and audio books while they wait for new shipments of hardcovers. According to the website, shoppers can get it as early as Sept. 26.

Barnes and Nobles Inc. said the book is fully stocked at its locations and that customers will receive their orders on time. The company highlighted the book, published by Simon & Schuster, as a potential driver of sales during its quarterly earnings call with analysts last week.

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“Sales of Bob Woodward’s Fear look phenomenal out of the gate,” said Liz Harwell, Senior Director of Merchandising at Barnes & Noble. “We continue to track sales closely and are working with Simon & Schuster to order more copies.”

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