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Amazon Shoppers Don’t Want Jeff Bezos to Build a Bitcoin Exchange

P. H. Madore
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A recent survey of Amazon users by Investing.com finds that just 13% of online shoppers would be comfortable buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through the e-commerce giant. About the same percentage of people would be comfortable buying prescription drugs and medical marijuana from Jeff Bezos and company. Comparatively, about 73% of people show interest in purchasing an Amazon-branded computer.

Survey: Just 13% of Shoppers Want to Buy Bitcoin on Amazon

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Source: Investing.com

Other notable statistics: almost half of all respondents don’t look anywhere else when shopping for books or electronics. However, less than 10% of respondents exclusively use Amazon for automotive needs, groceries, or handmade items.

It seems there are some areas where competitors retain dominance. Auto parts retailers have been flourishing. Although when Amazon began invading the space, some felt it would be the death of auto parts stores, companies like O’Reilly and Advance Auto Parts have adapted to a world of online shoppers. Their massive chains of stores act as a distribution network in the same way that Walmart is managing to compete.

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