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Amber Rose Hints Future Collaborations With Crypto Island

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Crypto Island’s worth skyrocketed on Sunday when the renowned celebrity Amber Rose put up an Instagram story about it.  

With the revolutionary aim to create an island, this new token just took the internet by storm when the bold and beautiful Amber Rose promoted it. 

She recently announced in her Instagram story that she would co-own a crypto island. She further promoted Crypto island and stated that ‘this is just the beginning’; thus, further investments can be expected from her. However, this project started just one week ago. 

Amber Rose is an American model, host, and versatile actress who has been active since 2007.  Amber got famous in 2008 due to dating Kanye West for a few years. She has been in the spotlight ever since thanks to the love she gets from the media. She has also created different projects, like having her own clothing line and tried her luck in the music industry just to mention a few.  

With over 21M followers on Instagram and being a hot topic in the news, Amber’s announcement of investing in Crypto Island did reach out to many people. It turns out that it was the perfect timing for this fantastic collaboration which increased the value of Crypto  Island more than ever.  

Following Amber Rose's story, the CEO of Crypto Island stated, "It's such an honor to be acknowledged by such a strong and beautiful woman. We’re happy she promoted us. We would be delighted to have such an influential investor and look forward  to collaborating with her in the future." 

More About Crypto Island 

It is a unique concept and an initiative that hasn’t been taken before. Crypto Island is a fusion of the digital and physical world. Investors are growing in great numbers every day. The people who buy this cryptocurrency will contribute to the establishment of a private and tranquil island.  

The investors can get together on this island away from the materialistic world and its hustle-bustle. This project is based on collaboration with the people as they are responsible for growing and converting this idea into reality.  

Investors will create their very own decentralized private island that they will co-own.

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