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AMC, Viacom, and Discovery Consider a $20 Bet on Sports-Free Streaming TV

John Patrick Pullen
AMC, Viacom, and Discovery Consider a $20 Bet on Sports-Free Streaming TV

Television has a widely-reported problem: Consumers are cutting the cord at an alarming clip.

This comes as no surprise-people want to pay only for what they watch, and cable companies’ buffet-style bundles cost far too much. But live sports is among the biggest reasons for bloated bills, and that’s because-from the ever-climbing amounts paid for media rights to the price of technological advancements to broadcasts-the big leagues cost big bucks to produce.

But when subscribers cancel their cable, companies in need a steady stream of viewers, like Viacom, get hurt more than channels like ESPN, that can demand premium ad prices for their most popular live events. And according to a report by Bloomberg, Viacom viab , AMC amcx , and Discovery disca are teaming up to talk with pay-television providers about making sports-free bundles that could help even the playing field.

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According to the report, the programmers behind The Walking Dead, Deadliest Catch, and Catfish: The TV Show are negotiating to deliver streaming video packages for less than $20-per-month through as many as six providers. Priced to undercut some of the latest streaming services available like YouTube TV-which comes with 40 live channels for $35 monthly-and an anticipated streaming bundle from Hulu, the small franken-bundle being discussed could be big news for fans of some of the best TV dramas.

But this collaboration could also mean hardball for the networks because Disney dis , ESPN’s owner, has considerable clout through the other entities it owns, like ABC.

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