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America Hasn’t Done This in 10 Years – And It’s Fire for Bitcoin

Ben Brown
The US Federal Reserve is expected to cut the interest rate on Wednesday. It's a pivotal moment for bitcoin. | Source: Shutterstock

The US Federal Reserve is expected to cut the target interest rate on Wednesday for the first time since the global financial crisis a decade ago. This policy shift is gasoline for bitcoin.

To cut rates, the Fed will increase the supply of US dollars, thus cannibalizing its value. 

It’s a stark reminder that fiat money can be manipulated at will by central banks. Bitcoin cannot. Bitcoin’s total supply is hard-capped and will never increase.

While the Fed prepares to flood the market with more dollars, bitcoin is about to get more scarce with the upcoming halving in 2020. The flight to bitcoin in this scenario feels almost inevitable. Here are three reasons why.

1. Low interest rates cannibalize your savings

Low interest rates are designed to encourage spending and investing, not saving.

Think about it like this. The best savings accounts in the US only offer ~1.9 percent interest. If the Fed cuts, you can expect that to go lower.

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