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American Apparel Has An Army Of Sexy Mannequins Stashed Away

Ashley Lutz

American Apparel has repurposed an old 1913 Los Angeles Ford plant by using it as a home for its mannequins. 

It's an eclectic collection.

"American Apparel buys a lot of dead stock, lingerie, and porn shop mannequins, so their collection is truly something else," according to Curbed LA .

Photographer Elizabeth Daniels explored the warehouse. 

Her images show an army of mannequins juxtaposed against the industrial landscape. The plastic people stay there until they're sent away to retail stores. 

There's an industrial look outside:

  Here are some mannequins hanging out:      There are also tiny baby mannequins:      Thousands live in the warehouse:     They wait here until it's time to be shipped out to American Apparel's stores:   
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