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American Casting and Manufacturing Provides 3 Ways to Use Bolt Seals in 2020

PLAINVIEW, N.Y., Jan. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Bolt seals are instrumental in mitigating the risk of loss, theft, and tampering within the global supply chain. Professionals across a wide array of industries rely on high security bolt seals to protect high value cargo, cross-border shipments, and vehicles. There are quite a few ways companies can utilize bolt seals to increase the security of their goods.

American Casting and Manufacturing provides three ways your organization can use bolt seals in 2020. 

  1. Sealing shipping containers: The most common use of bolt seals is to seal shipping containers. They are such a reliable security tool for this job because they require bolt cutters to remove. This makes it very difficult for anyone to stealthily break into the container. Any attempt to do so will be revealed instantly, as bolt seals are tamper evident by nature since they cannot be replaced once cut off. 
  2. Securing truck, trailer, and airplane doors: Bolt seals can be used to seal doors that contain valuable cargo. While this is not always necessary for domestic shipments, it's good business practice to apply the highest level of security measure to all shipments. Securing truck, trailer, and airplane cargo units with bolt seals is the best way to ensure that the contents are safe and secure during transit.
  3. Ensuring compliance for cross-border shipments: Cross-border shipments must comply with C-TPAT and ISO 17712 regulations. Bolt seals are high-security classified, meaning they meet both of these standards. This allows your shipment to be universally accepted by international customs around the globe. 

Remember, bolt seals are most effective when your team is properly trained on their use, how to fasten them, and signs of attempted tampering. To increase the level of security even further when using bolt seals, consider utilizing custom coloring, unique numbering, and combining model types for layered security. American Casting and Manufacturing provides multiple bolt seal varieties and customization options to fit your organization's needs. 

About American Casting and Manufacturing
American Casting and Manufacturing tamper evident seals supplier is a New York based, family-owned manufacturing company that produces high-quality customizable security seals, including bolt seals, container seals, and trailer seals, across a wide range of industries. Through innovative production, customer service, and both employee loyalty and respect, the tamper evident seals manufacturer has been producing high-quality seals for over 100 years. The company conforms to the highest standards, meeting the requirements of ISO-9001:2015 quality management systems.


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