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Americans don't feel appreciated at work: Monster poll

Labor Day is a holiday to celebrate the social and economic achievements of American workers. But when it comes to feeling appreciated at work, American's aren't celebrating.

A recent poll by Monster Worldwide (MWW) found a whopping 90% of workers in the U.S. feel at most "occasionally" appreciated. Of those, nearly half all the people surveyed said they "never" feel appreciated. There are several factors that can affect employees morale including budgets, turnover and the overall economy.

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And American workers aren't the only ones feeling unappreciated at work. More than 45% of the workers surveyed in Germany also feel like they're "never" appreciated. The country still gets more pats on the back than America, though.







In other parts of the world, a higher percentage of workers is getting a sense of value and respect on the job. A majority polled in the Middle East Gulf said they "frequently" or at the very least "occasionally" feel appreciated, followed by workers in India at more than 61% of those surveyed.







The United States ranks last in the bunch.

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