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American Financing Expands to Hawaii


American Financing, a direct mortgage banking company, continues to expand and grow its services, reaching more homeowners across the nation.

American Financing is excited to announce it has expanded into Hawaii. The company is licensed and fully operational in 47 states, assisting current and future homeowners with their mortgage needs.

"Our goal is to offer the best service in the industry and fast turnaround times. We also employ local mortgage consultants with a strong commitment to the communities they serve. American Financing continues to make home ownership possible for many. Offering various loan programs including FHA, VA, Harp, Conventional, USDA and more, this allows our clients to acquire a mortgage that aligns with their financial goals," said Damian Maldonado, Founder and CEO of American Financing.

During a time when some mortgage lenders are downsizing, the company continues to grow and hire team members across the country. American Financing’s direct mortgage-banking services are improving the mortgage process by offering better service, competitive rates, fast turnaround times, in house underwriting and more.

American Financing’s unique salary-based mortgage consultant’s model continues to satisfy customers across the nation. Their mortgage consultants can conduct face-to-face meetings, in your home or office, online with e-sign, which ever meets their customer’s needs. With salary-based mortgage professionals, in-house underwriting and one of the fastest closing in the industry, their customer service is unmatched.

For more information on American Financing, visit: https://americanfinancing.net/.

About American Financing

Founded in 1999 by Damian and Gabie Maldonado, American Financing, is a direct mortgage and lending company that is dedicated to help existing and future homeowners make smart decisions that align with their mortgage needs. The family owned and operated company has expanded to 47 states, and continues to mature nationwide. The company’s growth is attributed to its seasoned, ethical and professional staff; unique direct lending capabilities and unparalleled customer experience. For more information, www.AmericanFinancing.net - NMLS# 182334.